Varutharacha Kuzhambu

varutharacha kuzhambu

Varutharacha kuzhambu or a gravy prepared without using cooked dal as in regular sambar , but using only roasted coconut and few ingredients makes an excellent alternative to the daily routine of rasam, sambar esp in Tamil households . This is made using drumsticks, brinjals or pumpkins with one or few vegetables . When you… 

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tiffin sambar, pressure cooker sambar

Tiffin sambar mix is another attempt by me to pack sambar in a pouch for the sambar hungry folks ! Well not literally pack a sambar but the contents when emptied and done according to instructions will make a quick easy delicious sambar that is popularly known as Tiffin sambar . I have it practically… 

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Araithavitta sambhar Sambhar prepared by using freshly roasted and ground spices )

I personally call this the Queen of South Indian Sambhars as it is so yummy, lip smacking and one is tempted to eat more rice  just to have the tasty Sambhar. This is the typical Sambhar  called hotel style or Tiffin  Sambhar served in South Indian restaurants as an accompaniment to Idlis, Dosas and Pongal…. 

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Mango Sambar

As the mango season has just started there are a lot of recipes about to roll off from my blog with this divine fruit and I simply cannot help it. With the arrival of the mango season the mind races to try out as many  recipes as possible with this delicious fruit . While nothing can beat… 

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