mango millet kesari

Millet kesari is just an obvious addition to my list of many millet dishes .Now that we have figured out how to incorporate millets in a variety of dishes why not some yummy desserts too . This has got to be the most easiest,  most incredible of all millet dishes I  must say . Not… 

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Foxtail millet dosa | Navane Dosa Recipe | Your Everyday Cook

foxtail millet dosa, navane dosa, thinai dosa

Millets are a great powerhouse of nutrition and a host of benefits preferred as substitute for rice, for many health reasons to treat obesity, diabetes and good cardiac health , it gives almost the same energy as Quinoa. Iron is present in millets twice as much as in quinoa and as millets being a low… 

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Millet flour Dahi vadas ( Faraali recipe )

vrat recipes, upwas recipes

This Faraali recipe / Fasting Recipe for Dahi vadas is adapted from Tarla Dalal with some changes. Sanwa  millet   is an annual grass cultivated in Japan and South East Asia. In many parts of the world Sanwa has been used in food products like porridge, breads ,cakes and cookies. It comes from the millet family… 

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millets nutri ladoo

Mixed millet dry fruits protein ladoo, this is also my two in one recipe , for a healthy energy drink mix as well as a recipe to make nutritious ladoos. The deliciousness of the ladoo comes due to the use of Pure Uthukuli Cow Butter . Purity and freshness of Uthukuli cow butter  is assured… 

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kodo millet / varagu arisi millet idli

These below are mini idlis which i made some time back . Millets are now gaining fast recognition and finding their rightful place a s a healthy grain and a good substitute for many dishes where rice is the main ingredient. The cultivation of millets and the earnings of farmers also depend on the consumption… 

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