Mango and fenugreek leaves pickle / mango methi pickle

mango methi leaves pickle

    Mango methi leaves pickle makes an  amazing fusion of flavors of the sourness from raw green mangoes, , mild bitterness and a great aroma of tender methi leaves . I have earlier posted a recipe for mango pickle with methi sprouts . That  was amazing too  so I thought why not use the… 

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fenugreek sprouts mango thokku/ pickle

  Fenugreek seed sprouts and mango pickle ( thokku ) South Indians especially Tamilans have their own simple way of making mango thokku / manga thokku during the season as it can be prepared quickly and with few good raw mangoes  and can be tasted immediately . So it is common to kick start the… 

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mango rabdi

Mango Rabdi,  a simple yummy finish to the mango season!…so before the season ends, do give this a try as it doesn’t need much attention. Essentially a dessert made with a reduced layered thick milk sweetened naturally with mangoes or a small amount of sugar . Pouring thick rabdi over mango chunks while serving transforms… 

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