mango rabdi

Mango Rabdi,  a simple yummy finish to the mango season!…so before the season ends, do give this a try as it doesn’t need much attention. Essentially a dessert made with a reduced layered thick milk sweetened naturally with mangoes or a small amount of sugar . Pouring thick rabdi over mango chunks while serving transforms… 

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Sabudaana Kheer ( Javarsi Payasam )

Javarsi/sago/Sabudaana  kheer/Payasam is the easiest dessert   to prepare . A very delightful creamy sweet kheer , it requires very little effort.Usually this is prepared during fasts , during Navarathri . Ingredients: 1/2  cup sabudana , tapioca pearls/ javarsi 4 cups thick milk 1/2 cup sugar or as per your choice. 10 almonds blanched. Almond… 

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