Vrat recipe : Millet flour Sago | Sabudana dosa | Navarathri recipes

vrat recipes, millet flour sago dosa , Navarathri recipes
millet flour sago vrat dosa

It is not difficult to come up with interesting recipes for the nine days of Navarathras , for those who fast during these 9 days and who abstain from certain vegetables, grains and ingredients . It is always assumed that vrat means indulging in feast like foods and sweets all the nine days . It need not be so, if you plan your vrat menu with healthy ingredients .

Coming to the Vrat recipe or Fast recipe for Navarathri , the stores are carrying various millet flours besides the usual kuttu , amaranth flour .

In South during Navarathris , we have a collection of recipes and dishes that include sweets , savories, lentils and of course the absolute no no for onion and garlic inclusion .

Most of the vrat dosa recipes that i have posted are instant , and can be prepared immediately . In this recipe i have used millet flour ( vrat chawal flour ) , you can substitute with other flours like rice or besan for normal days . However i prefer this way .

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Vrat sambar

vrat sambar
Navarathri vrat sambar


vrat aloo, dhaniya jeera aloo for Navarathri
Dhaniya jeera aloo masala


Vrat peanut curd chutney

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Vrat recipe : Millet flour Sago | Sabudana dosa
millet flour vrat dosa, navarathri recipes
millet flour vrat dosa, navarathri recipes
  1. Prepare a thin batter with millet flour, sago flour and other ingredients .
  2. heat a tava , grease it , wipe well , and on a moderate heat , pour the batter just like rava dosa batter
  3. just like rava dosa, the cooking takes time , so keep the heat on medium and adjust .
  4. serve this dosa with vart aloo, or peanut curd chutney or any vrat chutneys or vrat sambar .
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