Millet Rava Rotti ( Akki rotti style )

Millet rava rotti
millet rava rotti,akki rotti ,
Millet rava rotti
Millet rava rotti ingredients
Millet rava rotti
millet rava rotti patted on a plantain leaf
millet rava rotti
Millet rava rotti

Akki rotti is a very popular healthy breakfast dish in many states , mostly in Karnataka using rice flour , and rava rotti is another popular breakfast or lunch staple enjoyed in many Southern states . There are many healthy variations using some vegetables or leafy greens . Whichever way , this form of rotti is very healthy as it does not consume too much oil and can be made with variety of healthy flours too .In fact it can be made oil free too , as it is usually patted on plantain leaf and close cooked on a tava which is greased , and as it is like steam cooking , the rottis do not stick to the iron tava .these healthy veggie filled rottis can be served with curd or any chutney .

Here i have prepared a very healthy version of rotti using millet rava ( kodo millets / varagu arisi ) in rava / sooji form which is available now a days in most stores and looks like semolina . In case you find it difficult to get the millets in ready rava form, you can powder the millets at home and sieve it well til you get the fine chiroti rava consistency .

You can also use normal semolina if you do not get millets . The addition of loads of vegetables is what makes it super yummy and healthy , very filling as breakfast or even as a brunch ., keeping you filled for hours . Therefore diabetic friendly and good for those on weight management diet .

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recipe ingredinets for Millet rava rotti
Ingredients for Millet rava rotti
millet rava rotti method , instructions
method for making millet rava rotti

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Millet Rava Rotti
Healthy nutritious , gluten free, diabetic friendly , and weight management recipe . Millet Rava Rotti ( made akki rotti style )
  1. take a large bowl , add all ingredients one by one except hot water , and mix well with a spatula.
  2. add just enough hot water to make smooth but loose dough , use a spatula to mix , while adding hot water .
  3. do not make a dough immediately after adding hot water, just mix well and when warm enough to handle , use fingers to mix well , the millet rava will absorb the moisture, so allow to rest for at least 15 minutes after mixing well .
  4. after 15 -30 minutes you will see the rava has absorbed the moisture, now make a soft dough . almost like a thick masala vada mixture .
  5. take a greased plantain leaf, or some plastic sheet or baking sheet , take a small ball of dough and pat into round shape using some oil drops if necessary or even drops of water to help with patting , make a small hole in centre .
  6. pat as thin as possible for even cooking .
  7. keep a dosa tava heated, reduce flame and cook the prepared rotti on plantain leaf by turning upside down , on the hot tava. allow to reamin so for few seconds, then slowly peel off the leaf .
  8. now cover and cook both sides, if preferred , you can add some oil along the edges , for oil free dish , just skip it .
  9. cook both sides and serve with butter ( for kids ) and chutney .
  10. Millet rava rotti made akki rotti style makes an excellent school lunch box dish and the rottis remain soft and tasty for hours . If you pat it thick, the rotti tends to crumble when cooled . It is better to cook with lid covered to give a moist rotti cooked to perfection .
  11. for longer shelf life you can add some oil and cook both sides till lightly crisp and dry . It makes a good travel food too .
  12. these rottis can be prepared in advance and refrigerated in freezer for heat and serve later .
  13. Rottis can be prepared in advance and stored in refrigerator for 3 days ( longer in freezer )
  14. these delicious healthy millet rava rottis make a good filling snack with tea too .
  15. as a one time effort you can make as many rottis as you need for the week and store n ziploc , for travel , cook it even longer till crisp .Most enjoyable healthy food for long day trips too .all you need is some pickle, curd or chutney .
  16. These delicious rottis can be prepared with only finely chopped greens too , like spinach, fenugreek leaves, spring onions, dill leaves , mint leaves, coriander leaves .There are endless possibilities to make the rottis as healthy as possible .
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