A delicious mango millet keasri made quickly with kodo millets . Give a different taste to the usual by adding some mango pulp . Plain kesari taste just as good flavored with just cardamom powder.
Servings Prep Time
3nos 5minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
3nos 5minutes
Cook Time
  1. Dry roast kodo millets in a dry pan till it changes colour ..golden .Will be aromatic too.
  2. Remove and keep aside to cool .
  3. Grind both sugar , cardamoms, and kodo millet in a mixie till a fine powder almost like semolina or even finer.add the saffron powder to this mix, it helps when you to make kesari next time , store excess if any in a clean air tight container , stays good for months .
  4. Remove and keep aside.
  5. Heat a pan ,add some ghee, roast the cashew nuts ,
  6. Add, water about 1 cup .
  7. Allow to boil well.
  8. Lower flame , add the measured millet rava , stir to avoid lumps.
  9. Cover and cook on a simmer for 2-3 minutes .
  10. Add remaining ghee if any .
  11. When it thickens, add the mango pulp, mix well
  12. Allow the kesari mixture to thicken slightly but not like upma.
  13. Remove and let cool
  14. Yummy delicious smooth kesari is ready , on cooling you will see it becomes very soft , lump free .
  15. Do not allow kesari mixture to thicken too much like upma like a big lump, it becomes hard later.
  16. Remove from flame and allow to cool when it resembles like a thick flowing mixture.
  17. On cooling it becomes nice and firm .
  18. Adding more sugar and ghee is up to you
  19. Normally the proportion for rava and sugar is, for 1 cup rava , sugar is usually nearly 2 cups I have reduced slightly , as I added sweet mango pulp too.
Recipe Notes

I have powdered sugar with millet as I  usually grind a  qty of kesari mix and store in fridge for easy preparation . It  helps when unexpected guests  drop by   and you need a quick sweet , just measure few tbsp of the ready kesari mix, boil water like is done for upma , add, mix, add ghee,stir, thicken  its done in a jiffy . It is even more faster  in  a microwave .