Millet Chakli | Vrat chakli | NAVARATHRI VRAT RECIPES

millet chakli , vrat chakli , navarathri recipes
millet chakli | Vrat chakli
vrat millet chakli , vrat recipes, navarathri recipes, , upwas chakli
millet chakli , vrat chakli
vrat chakli , millet chakli , upwas chakli , upwas recipes , navarathri recipes

Millets make amazing variety of chaklis, and it works well when udad dal flour or fried gram flour or besan is used in the mix, however for Navarathri vrat recipes, these flours cannot be used, but there is no need to feel dismayed, as crunchy tasty crispy chaklis can be made with millet ( vrat flour ) and adding in little sago flour or a combination of four flours as i have done here . I have used 1/4 cup of four flours and in case you are not able to get all the four flours, you can still make these awesome chaklis by using only two ingredients , barnyard millet flour and sago , check out the recipe with a video here , click on the link below .

Samo vrat chakli to this recipe of usng four flours viz: barnyard millet flour, rajgira flour , sago flour , and singhara flour ( water chestnut )

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Millet Chakli | Vrat chakli | Navarathri recipes
delcious tasty crispy vrat chakli using flours permitted during Navarathri fast , or for upwas on other days .
Prep Time 10 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
  1. Take 1/4 cup of each variety of flour to make one cup , add it to a bowl .
  2. add desi ghee, mix well , add salt , chili powder , cumin if you wish to , mix all dry ingredients well .
  3. add hot water little by little and mix with a spatula, when the flour has become warm , use fingers to mix well , and make a smooth soft dough .
  4. use a star shape plate from the chakli press and make round shapes on a greased sheet or on cloth .
  5. keep oil for heating , allow to reach medium heat , test the heat before frying by dropping a pinch of dough it must sizzle and come up .
  6. the oil is ready for deep frying ,, grease the inside of the chakli press with oil , squeeze the chakli press with a ball of dough inside , , directly in hot oil or prepare round shapes separately on a paper , or greased sheet , and drop it carefully in oil , deep fry till done .
  7. Enjoy vrat chaklis without adding potatoes to the dough , as is usually done during Navarathri
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