ras malai using milk powder

This has been my most satisfying post signing off the year on a sweet note of success…so whats the big deal …well its only inevitable after making some amazing cottage cheese, home made paneer cubes with milk powder , as i had no fresh milk on hand , i realized i can make good spongy rasgollas and the delicious amazing ras malai as well .

my point being , even if we have no fresh milk , which should be the first choice anyway, you can rely on milk powder to satisfy your cravings or for a quick desert when you have a sudden party planned .

iam sharing a Youtube video for you to see how it was done, the superb texture and the applaud i received from some hard to please folks i passed 🙂

milk powder ras malai

milk powder rasmalai

milk powder rasmalai

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Milk powder Ras malai
Delicious soft spongy light ras malai just like the ones made from fresh milk
  1. first add hot water to milk powder, dissolve well, lump free. keep on heat to boil ,
  2. add 2 tbsp diluted lime juice or as required to curdle the boiled milk
  3. wait for few seconds after switching off flame and adding the lime juice, the milk will curdle slowly and fully .allow it to rest and add chilled water or ice cubes to stop the further cooking of the milk curds and aslo to dispel the lemony flavor . this makes the chenna very soft .
  4. strain over a cheesecloth covered bowl, or a thin white clean cloth , tie into a bundle , wring out as much water as you can and allow it to hang over a tap so that water can drip.
  5. after 30 minutes to an hour you will see the chenna has become a nice ball , drained of water
  6. now knead it on a plate as shown in the video, it should not be sticky, use the heel of the palm and drag along the work surface so that the chenna binds well. within 2-3 minutes you will noyte the chenna has come together smoothly like a ball, and nowits easy to make small patties for rasmalai..
  7. there are two ways now, either you can make balls as done in rasgollas and then flatten them later when the rasgollas arec ooked well, or shape flat as patties and cook in boiling sugar syrup
  8. meanwhile keep the sugar syrup for cooking the rasmalai patties, add 3 to 3.5 cups water to 1 cup sugar , allow to come to a roll boil , , then drop the prepared patties into the syrup, taking care not to touch them for few minutes as they are very fragile .
  9. after 5 minutes or so, gently flip to other side or use a spoon to rotate them in the boiling syrup . note that the sugar syrup shouldnbt thicken , so add hot water if you feel the sugar syrup thickening .
  10. within 10-12 minutes the rasmalai is done , take out gently or let it remian in the syrup till you need them to use in the rabdi .
  11. to prepare the milk sweet rabdi .. boil milk , till reduced to about 1/4 , constantly stirring , add sugar . when the milk appears nicely reduced and thickened, , add saffron milk , cardamon powder . slivered pistachios .
  12. keep this rabdi in the refrigerator to chill for a while . pour over the prepared rasmalai patties, after pressing excess sugar syrup from them . serve chilled , garnish further with nuts and saffron strands ..
  13. Enjoy chilled yummy soft rasmalai .
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