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One of the most popular craved for sweet every Diwali is surely the yummy Kaju katli…It is amazing what a simple recipe can create such an amazing sweet which everyone loves .

ironically this is the most simplest to prepare as the steps are not complicated if few points are followed carefully.

the beauty of the  recipe is that if you remove the hot mixture a little too early , it turns out too soft , which can be corrected by heatin g again to get a more thicker pour able mixture, which when cooled will give the desired soft kaju katli pieces.

on the other hand if you keep tha mixture on heat a little more, say a few seconds more and then pour on a greased plate, it will quickly firm up but not to worry as you wil get more firmer, almost barfi like pieces.

it is anyway yummy infact I prefer the firmer kaju katli, so i remove it a little thicker than usually done so when i spread it on a greased plate and try to flatten it with a greased rolling pin , it firms up very fast on cooling and some cracks also appear on top, but the pieces are more drier and non sticky which is how i prefer the kaju katlis.

you can use the silver varak if you wish on top to decorate,I do not use the silver foil .


A pinch of cardamom powder may be added , but i havent added any .

I dont think there is any recipe for any sweet that is so simple , few ingredients and yet gives a most awesome taste that one just cannot stop with two or three pieces.

rose water is also added to mixture if you wish to give a faint rose aroma .

all these are optional .

here is a quick video recipe





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a delicious simple sweet using Cashewnuts as main ingredient. Most popularly made during Diwali ,as it is so yummy and totally irresistible. Kaju katli also makes excellent gift for Diwali .
kaju katli, Diwali sweets. Diwali recipes
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
kaju katli, Diwali sweets. Diwali recipes
  1. powder cashewnuts in a mixie jar . be careful not to powder for too long or else it will realese oil and become sticky mass.
  2. add 2 tbsp mmilk powder to the cashewnut powder.
  3. mix both powders well.
  4. heat a nonstick pan
  5. add sugar and water to make a sticky one string consistency sugar syrup.
  6. be careful not to make a too thick too sticky syrup .
  7. quickly add the cashewnut milk powder mixture to the sugar syrup, keep stirring all the time and lower flame .
  8. remove when the mixture is smooth and thick pouring mixture.
  9. pour this cashewnut mixture on a smooth greased plate or surface.
  10. allow to become warm.
  11. now gather the mixture when warm, roll into a smooth pliable ball .
  12. flatten quickly with a greased rolling pin either directly or keep the ball of cashewnut mixture under a greased plastic sheet and roll over that .
  13. when a required thickness of square shape is made, trim the four ends .
  14. use a knife to make the diamond shaped pieces.
  15. enjoy !
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