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Instant Dal Pre mix
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instant dal from premix

Who doesnt like food that can be cooked instantly or without much labour .

More so if you are a constant traveler missing out on delicious home made foods . Almost every family has few members who are travelling on work, business trips or kids living abroad , surviving on campus foods , craving for the good old home made foods . Many families also travel frequently on long vacations with elders and kids and such times we wish to have something that is homely . Going on long road trips with pit stops at motels is also common . Most motels or hotels come with rooms having microwave , which is all you need to fix a decent meal .

These ready to cook food mixes which i have been sharing in this blog is one such solution .It is not as laborious a process as one would think . Just before you leave or your family travels , you can prepare some small quantity of few dishes in a pre mix form . Here is a recipe to prepare a simple masala dal in a mix form . You can alter the recipe , by adding few dals of your choice, add or remove some of the spices i have added , as every family has its own preference . I will detail a list of suggestions at the end of the recipe, kindly take a look at it , may be helpful .

The YouTube video will give you a quick look at the process and how simple and versatile this instant dal mix is in your kitchen .

Suggestions :

  1. to prepare this dal mix, you can choose dals of your choice .You can have single dal too , like moong dal .
  2. Basic ingredients to make the dal mix are very few like turmeric powder, chili powder , ginger powder ,
    Amchur powder or kokum for the tangy taste . . The rest like garam masala, dehydrated veggies, are optional .
  3. It is better to keep the premix simple if you plan to use it for other dishes too, like making dosas, adai or making some snacks like bhajjis , pakodas .
  4. To prepare a simple dal dosa, you need to add some rice flour too separately .as shown in the video .
  5. You can add fried onions, garlic to the mix if you like the flavours . Fried onions are readily available , but can be made at home too , but be sure to keep it free of any moisture .
  6. Garlic can be fried or garlic powder can be added .
  7. For most sambar and rasam recipes , you can add this premix of dal. In which case it is better to keep your premix with simple ingredients and not add garam masala, onions, or garlic .
  8. there are endless ways to use this basic dal mix, it is your creativity .
  9. last but not the least , along with the premix you can also pack some bottled sundried tomatoes, or some tomato paste which will come handy to add to the dal , to substitute for the tomatoes which you may usually add in your dal . Students who are living abroad can find these in stores easily in small jars which can be stored in the fridge . A bottle of onion tomato paste which is not heavily flavored can also be bought , as it comes handy to use in this instant dal .

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Instant Dal Mix ( Ready to cook )
A simple make ahead preparation for your upcoming vacations, for students away from home , bachelors who want taste of home made food . Dorm students who have access to microwave and caanot do elaborate cooking . this instant dal mix comes as a real boon for healthy tasty homely meals . The mix is versatile and can be used to make some yummy dal dosa as well , while on vacation , if your homestay has a kkitchen with few basic essentials , you can enjoy a decent home cooked meal from these instant home made mix .
  1. First take a pan , dry roast the dals without changing colour, we are dry roasting so that dals get crisp enough to be powdered well . If you are particular about cleaning dals even betetr, then wash and rinse the dals in water, drain immediately , spread on a cloth to air dry , make sure to roast this dal well or else your pre mix will get fungus easily .There should be no moisture .
  2. keep this roasted dal on a plate to cool .
  3. powder the dal to fine texture , doesnt matter if some rava consistency is there , as it will look nice and grainy when well cooked . But make sure to powder well .
  4. Take a pan , first dry roast the curry leaves till crisp, dry roast some chopped coriander leaves .
  5. add some oil in the pan aboout a tbsp , add some mustard seeds to crackle, add cumin seeds , red chillies, add the powdered dal to this , and mix well , keep flame on low .
  6. add all the spices now to the heated dal mix, switch off flame . add chili powder , dehydrated vegetables, asafoetida powder, kokum powder or aamchur powder, salt , turmeric powder , coriander powder , garam masala, turmeric powder , mix well . add the curry leaves and coriander leaves .
  7. now your basic dal mix is ready , store in a clean dry bottle or pack in zip loc if carrying with you .
  8. to prepare dal from this mix, take 1/2 cup of prepared powder , add about 1.5 cups to 2 cups water, mix well to remove lumps,
  9. pour this in a pan or in a microwaveable container, and cook on low flame till dal thickens, you ma need to add more water if dal thickens , and there is a lingering raw smell , you need to cook till there is no raw smell .
  10. adjust salt to prepared dsal , add 1-2 tsp tomato paste for a tangy flavour .
  11. instant dal is ready , it will not have the grainy dal texture as in normal dal but taste will not be compromised . The instant dal recipe is given for those with no pressure cookers, or those with no kitchen gadgets etc , so a simpler process is the powder form .
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