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foxtail millets dosa
foxtail millet dosa

Millets are a great powerhouse of nutrition and a host of benefits preferred as substitute for rice, for many health reasons to treat obesity, diabetes and good cardiac health , it gives almost the same energy as Quinoa. Iron is present in millets twice as much as in quinoa and as millets being a low fat grain, is suited for those concerned with obesity .

A mixed millet diet is recommended as it can compensate for all the nutritional and vitamin deficiencies . Ayurveda recommends eating locally produced grains so millets should ideally be our first choice as the profiles of both are not very different .Quinoa is priced high as it is sourced from other countries , whereas millets are grown locally easily available at lesser cost …

Masala dosa using foxtail millets ( thinai ) not only makes it soft and perfect but reduces time too. Millets are not only nutritious but also low in carbs comparatively  and have good fats that body needs, helps lower cardiovascular problems , helps regulate blood sugar and so diabetics can have a choice of making dosas by substituting rice with millets.

Millets are generally consumed during fast/ vrat times around Navratras so such recipes are good to have in hand . You can substitute udad dal with potatoes while grinding during vrat time.
It makes excellent potatoes millet dosas.

Another major plus of the recipe is that less soaking time, the ease of grinding in a simple home mixie / blender  and doesn’t require wet stone grinder as the millets soak well and grind to paste quickly.

For small batch of batter I usually grind everything together in the mixie. The above dosa was made by grinding batter in mixie with all ingredients together as the quantity was less.

Foxtail Millets has made a big comeback. Its importance as a diabetic-friendly, highly nutritious and non-glutinous food has had a large number of people opting millets over rice. It is rich in dietary fiber (6.7%), protein (11 %) and low in fat (4%).

Many of our Traditional dishes like payasam, chapatti, porridge, are all made with millets now adays as awareness increases .It is available in hulled form i.e., millet grains are present in a hard indigestible hull which are removed before human consumption. Hulling keeps the nutrient value intact.

foxtail millets / thinai
foxtail millets

For all these reasons I prefer to make millets dosas and idlis.

foxtail millets dosa
foxtail millets
foxtail millets dosa, thinai , navane dosa , diabetic friendly recipe
Foxtail millet dosa, navane dosa, thinai dosa

Check my youtube video for the method

Health Benefits of Foxtail Millets

  • Foxtail Millets lowers the risk of diabetes. It helps to lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin response in the body. The magnesium content in it helps the secretion of insulin and manages metabolism of glucose in the body.
  • It has low Glycemic Index, which ranks carbs by how much they raise food glucose levels compared to a reference food. Therefore, millets increase satiety, decrease hunger and slows down the rate of digestion. Millets release sugar slowly in our blood and enable to work for long durations.
  • Foxtail Millets are a rich source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for energy production and is an essential component of ATP – the energy store of the body.
  • It is low on allergenic.
  • Foxtail Millets also acts as a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes.
  • It does not contain gluten, it is a good grain alternative for people who are gluten-sensitive.
  • Lignans present in millets are thought to protect against breast cancer as well as heart diseases.
  • It is high on antioxidants. It can be used to get rid of the toxins that go rampant inside the body. A toxin-free body is obviously a healthy one.

The long term consumption of foxtail millets in any form will have positive effects on blood lipid profile and glycosylated hemoglobin of diabetics and cardiovascular patients.

It is environment-friendly as it does not demand synthetic fertilizers and is pest-free.

source..milletsworld Quora

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Foxtail Millet dosa
delicious healthy crispy foxtail millets , ag reat way to enjoy your dosa while reducing intake of white rice and increasing use of millets in your regular diet in some form .
foxtail millet dosa, navane dosa, thinai dosa
Prep Time 6 hours
Prep Time 6 hours
foxtail millet dosa, navane dosa, thinai dosa
  1. wash the millets several times, clean it , and soak in clean water for 4-6 hours .
  2. wash and soak udad dal and methi seeds for 3 hours
  3. wash the poha few times and keep soaked in little water . soak for about 1 hours
  4. grind the udad dal, methi seeds till a soft foamy batter, add the miilets and poha , continue to grind till thick, smooth batter . You can also grind all together in a mixie till batter is very smooth and thick as regular idli dosa batter .
  5. allow batter to ferment . Dosasa can be prepared immediately without fermenting too , fermentation gives little more crispy dosa and good colour too . i have shown both in the video , do check .
  6. prepare dosas just like usual on a hot greased tava, using ghee or oil .
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