Chocolate cake ( Rice cooker cake … ..eggless )



I can see you all getting astonished with  baking cake in a rice cooker. After all a rice cooker was meant only for  cooking rice ? Well I have already disproved that by cooking many dishes and that is another post. Coming to this  amazing eggless chocolate cake that I baked daringly in the rice cooker was a complete success, perfect crumb, texture and taste. I did not use the container to keep the batter but placed a small cake tin with batter in it. The rice cooker works on a simple principle, heats up to optimum level then cuts the heat by going to warm mode, so if you  place the cake tin inside, within few minutes it will shut off and go into warm mode, you need to press it back to heat after the heat subsides. I thought this process would affect the baking process, but apparently not, as it continued to bake after I  switched it on again ..this happened at least three times.

So it depends on the size of the cake pan, as it was an experiment I  used a small cake tin  to test , and pushed the heat back on at least three times after which the cake was completely done, with perfect rise etc. I tested with skewer to see if it was done completely.

Then remove the pan and allow to cool as usual .you may do further frosting etc but i kept it simple with  colorful sprinkles and a light sugar dusting .

This particular attempt is meant for those who dont own an oven, living in dorms, students living on budget and using a single cooking gadget, this method helps a lot to satisfy a cake craving . A rice cooker is commonly used by university students who dont have a full equipped kitchen . Now if i can do it with my old dead beat faithful rice cooker which is just a basic version , you can surely do better with the new smart ones .I believe they even have a bake cake mode .In this recipe I  have used the rice cooker to bake with a pan inside and not used the rice cooker container .

Others who already have perfect gadgets need not attempt. Unless you are game for it.!

So lets get to the recipe.


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Chocolate cake ( Rice cooker ..eggless )
Eggless chocolate cake baked in a rice cooker.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
  1. keep the rice cooker on till it switches off after attaining high heat .
  2. Take a large bowl and sift all the dry ingredients, all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda,cocoa powder, granulated sugar.
  3. Mix all the dry ingredients well.
  4. Add the coffee powder in the hot water and keep aside.
  5. Now take another bowl and add all the wet ingredients one by one, the oil, yogurt, vanilla extract, milk, hot coffee prepared,
  6. Mix all the wet ingredients well and add slowly to the dry little by little, folding the mixture slowly.
  7. Pour the cake batter into the prepared pan .
  8. Spread the batter by tapping gently. keep it inside the rice cooker and switch on . close with rice cooker lid.
  9. after few minutes once the rice cooker attains a high heat it will switch back to warm mode, after few seconds you have to press it down to heat mode and continue, this will happen three or four times till the cake is done. so you can open lid and check the cake rising . cover lid, wait for rice cooker restart ..this will take approximately 35 minutes . but the cake will be baked completely .
  10. by frequent opening and closing nothing will happen to the cake but you shouldn't allow the container to be open for long, just enough to check the cake .
  11. obviously the cake wont bake for at least half an hour so just wait till the heat reduces and then press the heat mode down .
Recipe Notes

this method may seem weird to many when ovens and otg are available or even microwave .

But this post is meant for the students and those

who have no gadgets except a basic rice cooker .





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  1. Melonpan says

    Thanks for this!!

    Just tried your recipe without coffee, halfed the sugar, replaced cocoa powder with melted chocolate bar and it still tastes good 🙂

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