Breakfast parfait,yogurt parfait


breakfast parfait, yogurt parfait

My healthy breakfast parfait is nothing like the original French version of full cream,  custard and dessert like concoction .. It is a fun way or healthy take on a simple morning breakfast put together in an attractive way.

Give the regular cereals or a bowl of porridge a miss and go for this  take away glass of yummy parfait .

Make it for the kids breakfast to go or for a sit down bowl of yummy parfait breakfast .I said kids breakfast but doesnt mean it will not attract the adult away from breakfast smoothies. I f you need more variety for the day  , breakfast parfait is the way !.

The ingredients that go into the healthy glass.


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Delicious healthy yogurt breakfast parfait.
  1. add milk to rolled oats and let it rest .
  2. add flax seeds, chia seeds to the bowl .Chia seeds will swell a bit .
  3. if preparing for overnight, take 2 glasses.
  4. add yogurt at bottom,
  5. layer with chopped fruits, slices of apples, banana, orange
  6. layer with remaining nuts and seeds,
  7. add the oats milk mixture .
  8. sprinkle more seeds and nuts
  9. top with more greek yogurt.
  10. garnish with choco nibs, chopped fruit slices and remaining nuts .
  11. cover and keep in fridge.
  12. enjoy the chilled overnight glass of breakfast parfait .
Recipe Notes

there is no particular method to make the parfait, layer it as you like with more or less of yogurt, oats and fruit nut mixture.

you could mix the oats with greek yogurt completely and use that thick mixture to pour over the frozen or fresh fruits and nuts .

fresh or frozen fruits and berries can be used , it s your wish to make the variation .Use whatever fruits you find stocked in fridge.

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