CHAM CHAM ( Bengal sweets )

Bengal sweets Cham Cham

  A  delicious Bengal milk sweet made from fresh chenna ( crumbled fresh home made paneer ) using thick full cream milk , with a creamy delicious malai mava filling in the center..we can have  any kind of tasty filling according to our choice but malai mava taste is simply yummy . Cham cham can… 

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quick and easy way to make milk powder kalakand

Kalakand (milk powder recipe…using paneer made from milk powder )..another way to use up milk powder 🙂 A quick easy recipe to enjoy kalakand any time you want with minimum ingredients . in this recipe i have used milk powder completely, in the sense i have used paneer made from milk powder and condensed milk also… 

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Ma pic source…internet Happy Navarathri to all! May the Godess show her bountiful mercy and shower all with peace and prosperity., infinite courage and strength. Different communities in India celebrate Navarathri , the nine days of the Godess in different ways but with one common goal to attain her grace and divine positive vibrations that… 

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Mava Gujiyas ( Stuffed pastry with dry fruits, nuts and mava )

Gujiyas are  basically  deep  fried stuffed pastry with dry fruits, sugar and nuts mixed with crumbled mava. A traditionally prepared pastry around Holi festival . These are deep fried , flaky and crispy outside, then dipped into sugar syrup and served.  Almost similar to Karanjis, karchikai s of South India. It is also called as… 

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