Fold over buns| Pocket buns | Eggless buns

fold over buns, eggless buns

Delicious home baked pocket rolls or fold over buns ???????? buns that are so good for holding any filling or stuffing with a savory filling or a sweet filling ,or even just home made jams, chutneys, or enjoying even as a plain bun . Eggless and reduced fat ,no preservatives, unlike bakery ones, these can be baked… 

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Cake rusk | Indian Cake rusk ( eggless)

Cake rusks are almost favourite with everyone while growing up, am sure . Well it was mine too , i loved both the bread rusk and cake rusks esp from bakeries , These are easily baked at home . Cake rusks are twice baked like biscotti . All you need is a basic cake recipe… 

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Sourcream, Banana Walnut Streusel Coffee Cake

Sour Cream  Banana walnut Streusel Coffee Cake This is a delicious coffee cake with an amazing walnut streusel sprinkled on top and in between the cake, the cake itself baked using some left over pan calke mix . The recipe is based on Betty Crocker s recipes , though i made alterations by making it… 

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