mango millet kesari

Millet kesari is just an obvious addition to my list of many millet dishes .Now that we have figured out how to incorporate millets in a variety of dishes why not some yummy desserts too . This has got to be the most easiest,  most incredible of all millet dishes I  must say . Not… 

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Aadi Ammavasai and Recipes

aadi ammavasai

image During the Tamil month of Aadi, just as every Friday (Velli Kizahamai) is considered to be auspicious and ideal for worshiping Hindu Goddesses, especially the various incarnations of Shakti, . Similarly Aadi Ammavasai is equally important to perform oblations to our forefathers by the male successors . Aadi Amavasya is the new Moon… 

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  In South India ,  the Tamil month of Aadi is considered to be highly auspicious and significant for worshiping Devi/ Shakti/ Amman/ Ambal , Godesses referred to as such , but  No new endeavors are initiated during this time period, special pujas and rituals are conducted by several devotees to get their wishes and… 

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Kalkandu Pongal-Kalkandu Sadam Recipe

kalkandu pongal

Kalkandu pongal , sweet pongal made using sugar candy or kalkandu as it is called in Tamil is made using sugar candy/rock candy and milk with just flavors of cardamom and some hints of saffron , garnished with ghee fried cashewnuts .One of the many sweet dishes prepared during Pongal festival and also during the… 

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Lemon Rice ( Festival recipe )

Just like coconut rice, Lemon rice is easy to mix and serve. Along with coconut rice and tamrind rice , this forms a part of festival recipes especially Aadi  festival. This also forms a part of some very easy dishes to put together for school kids and office goers and a time saver. These mixed… 

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