About Me

Welcome to my kitchen.

I am Radha Natarajan , author of Your Everyday Cook . Currently based in Chennai ( Tamilnadu ). Armed with professional degrees in Marketing and Advertising Iam now a full time mom , home maker and an avid blogger . Photography , travel tales and gardening takes my time besides food blogging .

My culinary journey started , by saving recipes from magazines and cook books . While in school I would try out small simple delectable recipes during summer vacations more to kill time . I cannot say I was passionate about cooking then but it was more like an experiment and to try new flavours as my mom bless her ! although a great chef wasn’t too adventurous ! My love for Palakkad cuisine comes from her as she would cook mainly Palakkad dishes and the occasional Gujarati dishes, popular dishes from Karnataka , dishes from Maharashtra reflecting the places we moved over the years . I have lived in many cities and so my blog has several recipes from these states .

Years later work kept me away from cooking but my collection of handwritten recipes did not diminish ! If anything the files just got bulkier ! Having dabbled in areas of advertising and marketing for many years I quit professional life to settle to a better one to raise my kid and enjoy cooking with passion . However a food blog or being a blogger was not something I planned as I thought only a chef pro could become a food blogger !

Thanks to my teen who knew I would be bored after she left to University to pursue higher education , a blog was what I wanted ! And a place to save my recipes too . And so the journey started and everyday it’s been a great learning experience .

Now coming to the cooking part . I enjoy cooking foods that are simple , healthy and that brings a variety to the table . My food reflects the times I have spent in many cities , my childhood memories of having good food. In doing so I also love to reduce the process and figure out many ways of doing things and how best a single recipe can be used for many dishes . This , I feel is my niche in food blogging .

So you will see in my blog many recipes being used with little tweaks in multiple recipes and so it saves the time and cost for the busy woman . I have a section catering separately to the traveller , student in a dorm or a bachelor who would like to cook a simple meal with less ingredients , gadgets and in little time . I plan to add more such recipes and continue to focus in this area . I personally benefitted from such quick mix recipes during my recent travel .

Why the name Your Everyday Cook ?
Because I want to be associated with a simple everyday cooking no fuss meals at less cost and totally doable .
I don’t want recipes to be intimidating at first sight . While I like to stick to the rules I don’t mind altering or manipulating one dish to give a new recipe for a new dish altogether . For cooking is all about learning to play with ingredients and flavours and not a regimen . I do not like to tamper with original authentic cuisine and give it a new name . Every dish has been tried tested cooked several times over the years before I can confidently post . It gives me a joy to refer to my blog every now and then and retry my dishes .
The greatest advantage of a food blogger is the thirst to try new dishes and the family enjoys the variety too .

My present life involves frequent travelling which also gives me an opportunity to try local cuisines . So more posts yay!

With your support , suggestions and critical views I hope to turn this into a very useful reference site for the new comers to the kitchen where cooking is a pleasure and not a chore .

Thanks for stopping by.