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millets sponge dosa

The dosas below are made little thicker with kodo millets

little millets sponge dosa

The most softest spongy dosas .Millet sponge dosa with no rice . Curry leaves coconut chutney , sagu , and sambar . I intended to prepare batter for millet masala dosa but found the batter good for making Sponge dosas too . So this is my two in one recipe . Biggest advantage , less soaking time , grinds well in mixie , grind all together . The colour is on the pale side on account of millets

Millets sponge dosa

2 cups little millets
1 cup udad dal
3 tbsp chana dal ( only if you plan to use this batter for masala dosa also )or else skip chana dal .inspite of adding chana dal, i got super spongy dosa as you can see in the pic

1/2 cup poha , washed and soaked for 15 minutes before grinding .
1/2 tsp methi seedssoak millets after washing few times, with washed udad dal, methi seeds, for 5 hours

grind all , including poha after 5 hours in a mixie to a smooth thick batter .
allow to ferment overnight or 8 hours .
the batter is ready for use after fermentation .
grease a dosa pan, and drop batter in small ladlefuls without spreading , it will get porous , cover and cook for moist spongy dosa,
dont flip . add oil around edges
serve with chutney, sagu or sambar.for making thin paper dosas, add 2 tbsp rice flour to same batter and spread dosa as we do normally , you will get good paper dosas too .

Enjoy delicious dosas with chutneys or sambar of your choice

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