Millets Adai | Kodo millets mixed Dals adai

Kodo millets , dals adai / varagu adai
kodo millet mixed dals adai

Kodo millets / Varagu in Tamil makes a good substitute for rice for preparation of may dishes and one such is the protein rich Adai . dosa with a blend of mixed dals .

Serve with avial, loads of vegetables, a spot of butter and jaggery , the traditional way to enjoy a healthy dish .


wash and soak all these dals and milltes for 3 hours

½ cup Kodo Millet or any millet
¼ cup Toor Dal
¼ cup Chana dal
1 tbsp Moong Dal
1 tbsp Urad Dal
2-3 dry red chillies
big pinch of asafoetida powder

1 small onion

1 tsp ginger
curry leaves / drumstick leaves


Drain water from the millet and dals.
grind to a little coarse batter along with the dry red chillies .add asafoetida powder.

Add the finely chopped onion, ginger, coriander leaves and salt to taste.
This adai can be made without adding onions too . if you have drumstick leaves,
you can make it more healthier by adding them to batter .no need to rest batter.

Heat a tawa, grease with little oil, and cook till done well, crisp .

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