Mango pickle | Keri ka achar | Rajasthani spicy mango pickle

Rajasthani spicy mango pickle , keri ka achar
keri ka achar
keri ka achar, Rajasthani spicy mango pickle
Rajasthani mango pickle
Rajasthani spicy mango pickle
Rajasthani spicy mango pickle

Mango pickles can be prepared with so many different combination of spices , pickle powder . The south Indian Avakkai Oorugai is my favourite but i also crave for the Rajasthani keri ka achar esp to go with my masala rotis or theplas . I also enjoy the same with curd rice .

The best part of this pickle is, it gets ready in two days and you can start having it, but i like to wait for few days till the mangoes are all very soft, and still have a bite, the aroma of the pickle masala is so intense it gets heady .

The recipe is very simple , anyone can make this pickle .

Ingredients :

1 kg green round firm mangoes
3-4 cloves
2 tbsp methi seeds
1 tbsp fennel
3 tbsp yellow mustard seeds powder, in case you dont have the yellow mustard seed powder, use the normal mustard seeds by coarsely grinding .
1/2 tsp pepper corns
1 tbsp nigella seeds ( kalonji )
3 heaped tbsp red chilli powder, use kashmiri chili powder for the bright colour and some spicy red chili powder also if you wish
1 tbsp turmeric powder
2 tbsp rock salt, 1 tbsp for mixing with chopped mangoes and turmeric
1 tsp hing
, 250 ml oil , i have used sesame oil , normally mustard oil is used in such pickles, as we dont like the flavor so much i used sesame / gingelly oil , also increase oil if you wish

Method :

  1. wash and dry mangoes well, there should be no moisture.
    chop them to smaller pieces
  2. Take a big bowl, add the chopped mangoes, some of the turmeric powder, salt .
    keep aside , allow mangoes to rest for 2 hours .after 2 hours, drain out the liquid from the mangoes and spread the chopped mangoes on a cloth to dry for 2 hours under fan or in the sun .
  3. Now prepare the pickle masala .
  4. Take a pan and dry roast methi , keep aside when it starts popping and changing colour .
    Roast all spices except nigella seeds ,allow the roasted spices to cool .Grind the roasted spices , a little coarsely and transfer to a plate
  5. Now take a bowl to mix all spices .
  6. Add in salt, turmeric powder, asafoetida powder, the coarsely ground spices, red chili powder, nigella seeds.
  7. keep the prepared pickle masala powder aside till needed .
  8. Now add all the chopped mangoes to a glass jar, add in all the dry pickle masala which we have mixed .
    shake well so that the pickle masala coats the mangoes well.
  9. close lid of the jar and allow to rest for 24 hours .
  10. After 24 hours, you will see the jar has some liquid and mangoes have started getting moist and also note the level of mangoes has come down a bit as they have started getting soft.
  11. Take a kadai / pan, add in oil, allow to heat up well.
  12. Allow the heated oil to cool well, add in pinch of asafoetida powder to oil .
  13. Pour this cooled oil into the glass jar, mix well with a clean dry spoon.
  14. Close the lid and keep the pickle jar in a cool dark place.
  15. Delicious spicy Rajasthani mango pickle will be ready in a day or two .
Rajasthani spicy mango pickle
keri ka achar


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