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pav buns|Ladi pav
pav buns
pav buns | eggless pav buns

I tried baking pav buns at home about seven years ago , using a pressure cooker and it turned out amazing though the top didnt brown as much as i would have liked it to , but the bread was mind blowing super soft .

Years later i got myself a small oven for baking and i have been successfully making pav bread at home . I enjoy baking breads rather than consuming them , except for relishing pav bhaaji, i dont bake to eat , but for the pleasure of baking , the different stages of making bread is so calming and rightly said that baking is therapeutic .

dinner rolls
eggless dinner rolls

With the recipe that iam sharing below, not only can we make excellent pav buns but also super light soft dinner rolls .

Delicious soft fluffy pav buns and dinner rolls , eggless . Ingredients

The recipe is good for making dinner rolls as well as paav buns .


2 1/4 cups all purpose or bread flour

of this use only 2 cups for kneading … set aside 1/4 cup or less for adjusting dough later and dusting on the counter .

200 ml warm water

1 1/4 tsp active dried yeast

4 tbsp unsalted butter softened

1 tbsp sugar

as needed salt

4 tbsp milk powder ( recommended )


First prepare the yeast for activation by adding in a bowl, add warm water and sugar .

allow to activate .may take about 5 ti 10 minutes.

Now take another bowl, add the flour, salt ,milk powder , and the water activated by yeast .

first use a spatula to mix the ingredients as it will be very sticky, difficult to handle , you can use a stand mixer if you have one ,

now tip the contents on to a board or knead on a lightly , floured counter add in softened butter , keep kneading the sticky mixture which will soon become easy to handle with kneading

do not keep adding any flour, just work the dough and you will get a smooth non sticky dough , about 12 minutes of kneading .

you can use a drop of oil to grease your will notice dough getting stretchy, supple and smooth . Take the dough and you should be able to stretch .

The smooth soft dough is now ready for proofing , place this dough in a oiled glass bowl, cover with cling wrap or cloth and allow to rise .

Proofing may take around 40-60 minutes.

after an hour or so, notice the dough has almost doubled , now tip the contents onto a floured surface or a non stick mat

i used a non stick plate which was very useful to bring the sticky dough together without adding too much flour for handling , after the rise .

Knock the dough to flat , and punch few times, use a spatula or a scraper to bring together .

stretch dough to a cylindrical shape, slightly roll , do not apply too much pressure , now slice off the required small ball of dough from the cylindrical shaped dough , to make individual paav buns or round shapes for dinner rolls .

you can also shape a round ball of the prepared dough , slice off individual pieces as shown in video, and roll into small balls .

take each ball, flatten it with fingers or use a rolling pin , and roll up like a small barrel ( for flat shaped paav, or if you want round paav , then shape into small smooth balls by gathering four corners of the dough and tucking underneath . ( like an envelope)

Place all these prepared balls on a baking tray which is greased , little apart from one another as they will again rise on second proofing , cover to allow a second rise for about 40 minutes . . before baking , brush the top of the paav with milk

meanwhile, while the dough balls are rising , preheat oven to 175 degrees C .

bake at 175 for 20 to 30 minutes ( depends on your oven type ) around 20 minutes you can check to see if the top is getting browned, you can use a aluminium foil to cover to prevent over browning , or reduce heat and allow to bake till done .

remove when the top starts getting browned, and brush with a stick of butter, cover with a moist cloth for 5 minutes to keep paav buns softer .

ladi pav, pav buns, eggless buns
Pav buns | Ladi pav


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    Good evening dear madam! Your recipes are so easy to follow. Very simple one! Yummy tastes also!! Now the Lockout period it is so helpful to me! Homemade made items gives a mental satisfaction and gives a safe and very healthy feeling!!!

    Thanks a ton dear madam!!

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