Fold over buns| Pocket buns | Eggless buns

fold over buns, pocket buns, eggless buns
fold over buns
fold over coconut buns, iyengar bakery style coconut buns
Fold over coconut buns

Delicious home baked pocket rolls or fold over buns ???????? buns that are so good for holding any filling or stuffing with a savory filling or a sweet filling ,or even just home made jams, chutneys, or enjoying even as a plain bun .

Eggless and reduced fat ,no preservatives, unlike bakery ones, these can be baked easily at home for your kids and used as lunch box snack filled with veggies . They do not become soggy too unlike plain bread slices .and will stay good for long . Excellent for a sandwich on the go .

these were my favourites from my school days , I remember having these from Iyengar bakery who are so famous for this jam filled or cococnut dryfruits and nuts mixed bun , usually called as Thenga bun . there are plenty of ways to use this fold over type bun .

fold over buns, coconut buns , thengai buns, iyengar bakery style
Fold over buns

the recipe

1.5 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tbsp active dried yeast
4 tbsp warm milk
2 tbsp milk powder
1 tbsp oil

pinch of salt about 1/4 tsp
1/2 cup warm water
tiny pinch of sugar
1 tbsp butter
melted butter or ghee for brushing baked buns .


1.Take a bowl , add warm milk , add in sugar , stir well to dissolve .

Add in yeast ,mix well,cover and keep till yeast activates and looks foamy , this is very important
in case your yeast doesn’t foam up after 10 minutes , discard and start a fresh batch . ( this doesn’t apply to instant dried yeast )

2. After the yeast has activated, add the flour,milk powder , ( sieve both all purpose flour and milk powder before adding to wet ingredients )
salt, oil , and mix well with a wooden spoon, add
water little by little to the dough , it may be sticky, ( please note dough has to be sticky and little pasty while beginning to knead, it is natural , do not add any extra flour )

take the dough to a floured surface and knead .
use oil to grease the palm or use flour to coat your palm while handling dough , while kneading but dont add any more flour than mentioned , add in butter , after 6-8 minutes of kneading with heel of your palm, it will come together .

form a smooth ball and keep covered in a greased bowl, coat with little oil , cover with cloth or cling wrap , and allow dough to rise . usually about an hour .

3. It may take an hour for dough to rise, it would have doubled , now take the risen dough to a floured surface and punch lightly to remove the air, but not too much , you need to bring it together to a smooth firm ball but too much force should not be used roll it out into a log .
take a scraper and cut off required portions like small balls.

take one ball of dough , use a wooden roller or rolling pin and roll the dough into a oval shape .
or pat into the oval shape with fingers as the dough like we do for shaping naan breads ,

now bring the top fold down leaving little space,so that it looks like a flap
( see my pics in collage ) , arrange all such oval shaped pockets of rolls in a greased

tray or in a parchment lined tray .

cover these with a cloth and allow to rise again for an hour or 40 minutes .

pre heat oven to 180 C . Brush the prepared buns with milk gently ,
Bake at 180 C for 15 minutes or till done .oven times will vary according to the brand .

remove from oven when tops are evenly browned , brush with melted ghee so that they remain soft afterwards .
cover with lightly moist cloth to keep soft

to make a stuffed bun , just use a knife and slice off the opening of the flap, lightly, and place sweet or savory fillings .

you can make coconut buns with tutti fruti, desiccated coconut little sugar, chopped cashew , raisins, mix all , spread some cream or whipping cream inside the flap, and stuff with the mentioned mix, fold and press lightly, kids will love these bakery style coconut buns

coconut bun, fold over bun
Fold over buns
fold over bun
fold over bun

Just slice off the flap gently , not all the way through , as you need the top flap to cover after placing filling inside .

whipping cream

use thick whipping cream, or icing , lift the top flap and smear inside thickly, this will hold the dry filling mixture of tutti fruti, coconut, cashewnuts , raisins, sugar , press the top flap gently and serve . these can be packed neatly in sandwich bags too for kids .

tutti fruti dry fruits mix with desiccated coconut and sugar
fold over buns
fold over buns with coconut dryfruits mixture

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