Milk Powder sweets | Festival special

Diwali sweets , milk powder sweets
Milk powder sweets

Diwali sweets are many and i have my special few which i prepare often , This is a select few of my recipes for festivals, esp Diwali , which uses milk powder , easy and quick . check out the links of each given below .

Mango, kesar ,pistachio milk powder pedha

Ras Malai

ai , diwali sweets
Ras malai

Gulab jamun

Diwali sweets , gulab jamuns
Gulab jamuns

Milk Powder Barfi

Milk powder Barfi

Cham Cham

Diwali sweets , cham cham
cham cham

Milk powder Rasgollas

milk poweder rasgollas, diwali sweets
milk powder rasgollas


kalakand, diwali sweets

Milk Mysorepak

milk mysorepak, pall mysorepak
milk mysorepak

Milk Pedha

diwali sweets , milk pedha
mmilk pedha

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