Condensed Milk under 10 minutes | Instant condensed milk

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instant condensed milk
Home made condensed milk in 10 minutes

instant condensed milk

It is very easy to make a home made condensed milk under 10 minutes. When you need a regular condensed milk for a recipe, dont go rushing to the store to buy a can priced high.
Try this homemade version and I bet you will never go for a store  bought one again. At the time of posting this recipe, I regretted, as I had just done that!!
The internet is full of such recipes so I decided to try one with my own tweaks and it tasted real yum.The best part is you can choose the consistency you want and use in your recipes. Another bonus you can use it as much as the recipe calls for without being stingy and trying to save some in the can as now you know how easy it is to make one at home.


1 cup milk powder
1/2 cup icing sugar or granulated sugar
1/2 cup hot milk or very hot water.
1 tbsp melted butter.


Blend all the ingredients well till creamy and to the consistency you desire.
To thin it, use little more hot water or milk.
Store in a bottle and refrigerate.
Stays good upto 5 days , but I bet you would have already used it up in a recipe.
It is always better to make small batches , as and when you need .
I used skim milk powder as  it was the only one available and it tasted just as good. You can use the regular milk powder for the recipe.
Check the consistency.
home made instant condensed milk
instant home made condensed milk
And here is a quick video .









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