Kerala festival recipes | Sadya recipes

kerala festival recipes, onam recipes, vishu recipes, Tamil new Year recipes
festival recipes for onam , vishu , Tami new year
Festival recipes

Kerala festivals Onam and Vishu dominates every food enthusiasts mind and imagination . The veritable list of dishes cooked on these festive days is simply mind boggling and will take any food enthusiast several months to compile a good part of it .

The classic Onam Sadhya has no less than 25 dishes at least and while it may seem a long arduous task to get everything done , we can choose a few favourites from the typical sadya food and make our own Onam sadya platter . A few family favourites have been added in this post , while so many are still to be added . Take your pick from the list of recipes below and get cooking a feast for yourself and your family .

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  1. Carrot green peas thoran
carrots green peas thoran
carrot green peas thoran

2. Cabbage Molagootal

cabbage molagootal, kerala sadya recipes , onam recipes

3. Pumpkin Eriseri

Pumpkin Eriseri

4. Beetroot pachadi

beet root pachadi , onam sadya recipe, vishu recipes, kerala festival recipes
Beet root pachadi

5. Inji Puli

inji puli , puli inji , onam sadya recipes , kerala festival recipes
inji puli | Puli inji

6.Cucumber pachadi

cucumber pachadi , onam recipes, kerala sadya recipes
cucumber pachadi

7. Cucumber pachadi ( version 2. ) below is a video of another small variation of cucumber pachadi which is commonly prepared for sadya lunch

8. Inji Milagai

onam recipes,kerala recipes, inji milagai , ginger green chillies pickle
inji milagai

9. Podalangai Poduthuval

, snakegourds stirfry , onam recipes, kerala sadya recipes
podalangai poduthuval

9. Mambazha Puliseri

kerala cuisine , vishu , onam sadya recipes, mambzha puliseri
mambazha puliseri

10. Avial

avial, kerala sadya recipes, onam , vishu recipes for sadya

11.Ada Pradhaman

ada pradhaman , kerala recipes, recipes for onam , vishu
Ada Pradhaman

12. Paruppu vadai

paruppu vadai , onam , Vishu recipes, kerala sadya recipes , onam recipes
Paruppu vadai

13. Javarsi payasam

javarsi payasam, sabudana kheer , onam , vishu recipes , sadya recipes
Javarsi payasam | Sabudana kheer

14. Semiya Payasam | Vermicelli kheer

semiya payasam, vermicelli kheer , onam payasam recipes, vishuonam recipes, sadya recipes
Semiya Payasam | Vermicelli kheer

15. Beans Thoran

beans thoran, kerala food recipes, onam sadya recipes, vishu recipes ,
Beans Thoran

16. Kurukku Kalan | Katti Kalan

kurukku kalan, katti kalan, onam recipes, vishu recipes, kerala food recipes, sadya recipes
Kurukku kalan | Katti kalan

17.Cut mango pickle

instant cut mango pickle , manga achar , onam recipes, vishu recipes, festival recipes , onam sadya recipes
instant cut mango pickle

18. Vendakkai pachadi | Okra pachadi

vendakkai pachadi | Okra pachadi

19. Maanga Pachadi

kerala food recipes, sadya recipes, vishu recipes, onam recipes
Maanga pachadi

20. Mor kootan

vishu sadya recipes, onam recipes, kerala food recipes
Mor kootan

21.Cabbage Thoran

cabbage thoran, vishu recipes, onam recipes, sadya recipes, kerala food recipes
Cabbage thoran

22. Tomato Rasam

tmato  rrasam, thakkali rasam, kerala recipes, onnaa rreecipees, sadya reciipes, keral sadya recipe vishu recipes
Tomato Rasam

23. Olan

olan, kerala festival recipes, vishu recipes, onam recipes , sadya recipes

24. Pineapple rasam

pineapple rasam, onam recipes, vishu recipes, kerala festival recipes, sadya recipes
Pineapple rasam

25. Ulli Theeyal

Ulli Theeyal

26. Kalan ( another version )

kalan, onam recipes, vishu recipes, festival recipes , 
kerala sadya recipes
kalan | Katti kalan

27. Onion tomato pachadi

onion tomato pachadi

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