Beans Thoran ( Kerala style festival recipes )

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Beans Thoran

Kerala Sadya food during Onam , Vishu must include few delicious variety of thorans . Thorans are a delicious way of preparing simple vegetable stir fry curries embellished with some tasty coconut infused spices.

Kerala Sadya food and no thorans !! cannot be imagined least 4 -5 different types of thorans can be seen served on a sadya leaf . I love the simplistic stir fry Thorans using a variety of vegetables , like cabbage, cluster beans , snake gourd, beans , carrots and beans ,raw jackfruits , beet root and so many other varieties .

Beans thoran is a simple tasty way of serving vegetables to your family.Try this with some steamed rice and rasam and you will experience a slice of Kerala cuisine. Thorans are a must in any Kerala festival menu especially the Sadya , an amazing spread of gastronomic delights on the plantain leaf. It is a delicious array of many side dishes, main course and so many desserts and , soups and salads , pickles, chutneys , that the brain goes into a food coma .

While it may be a little tough to replicate a sadya menu at home with over sixty dishes, we can try to prepare some simple but tasty dishes easily , starting with easy to cook thorans .

Recipe :


2 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp split udad dal
2-3 red chillies
1 onion finely chopped
pinch of turmeric powder
some curry leaves
2-3 cups chopped beans
stir fry everything , adding sprinkles of water
cover and cook

Grind the following given below to a coarse paste .

1/2 cup coconut
2 green chillies
3 shallots , pinch of turmeric powder , grind all these and ad to cooked beans , toss well .

The beans must not become mushy but retain little crunchy texture .

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