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apple millets sheera , navarathri vrat recipes
apple millets sheera

Apple millets sheera is yet another healthy simple tasty dish for your vrat menu .

Ingredients :

3/4 cup dry roasted powdered millet , barnyard millet or kodo millet / sama chawal .
If you arent sure about quality of the millet then soak in water, wash well two to three times,

drain water completely , then spread the wet millets on a clean cloth and allow to dry , within an hour the millets would be dry , then you can dry roast in pan .

1/2 cup chopped apples cooked to soft , and pureed or mashed well with a ladle .

1/2 cup native palm jaggery .or date syrup
pinch of cardamom powder
cups water or milk to cook the sheera
1/4 cup ghee
saffron milk 2 tbsp
some roasted or fried nuts like cashews for garnishing .


dry roast sama chawal or kodo millet till aromatic , then powder it like a fine semolina texture..keep aside till needed .

Take a heavy pan , add some ghee from the qty mentioned , , first add the apple puree, ,add the powdered millet rava , add powdered palm jaggery , and boiling milk or boiling water , keep flame on low and keep stirring

add remaining ghee, and let this mixture cook on a very low flame till thickened and done , keep stirring to avoid lumps, you can also cover and cook immediately after adding boiling milk or water , . add fried cashew , cardamom powder , and saffron milk just before removing from gas…

enjoy chilled or warm


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