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Olan with winter melons, vishu sadya special recipe
Olan is a family favorite and I make it  as often as possible . With the simplicity of preparation and the ingredients it can be made many times and will not be overpowering as the flavors of the coconut milk is so subtle, creamy and any age can enjoy this easy dish without any health problems.

Quintessentially a part of the Kerala cuisine and one of the many dishes served during the popular Sadya during Onam. ..

Olan is one of the first few dishes I learnt to prepare while in school. Olan can be prepared with matthan , or winter melons or with both .( yellow pumpkins or even snake gourds ) pic shows olan using yellow pumpkins .


olan with vanpayar and winter melons

here is a video 
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1/4 cup Cow peas /Karamani/Vanpayar soaked for 4-5 hours 

 1 cup Ash gourd  ( Kumbalanga/Elavan) diced

3-4 nos  green chillies (slit lengthwise) qty depends on how spicy the chillies are .
1  cup very thick   coconut milk  

1 cup thin coconut milk 
sprigs of curry leaves

1 tbsp coconut oil

Salt to taste



1.  Soak the black eyed beans  at-least 5 hours  and pressure
2.  Peel the  the skin from the ash gourd and pumpkin and cut  into small          square  pieces.
3. Remove the cooked beans  from the cooker and take a pan,  add the            chopped pumpkin, ash gourd and add the thin coconut milk into it.
4. Add salt and green chilies.
When the vegetables are cooked well but not too mushy  add the cooked beans ,  after running water is added to cooked beans to remove the reddish water, or else the olan will not be white . and stir well, allow to cook a little more, then add the thick coconut milk . 

5. Reduce the flame  and stir slowly .
6. Season with coconut oil and a sprigs of curry leaves.

Let the flavours release and keep covered till serving.Enjoy Olan with rice and pappadam.
Notes : Olan can be prepared without vanpayar also .


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