Millet flour Dahi vadas ( Faraali recipe )

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This Faraali recipe / Fasting Recipe for Dahi vadas is adapted from Tarla Dalal with some changes.
Sanwa  millet   is an annual grass cultivated in Japan and South East Asia.

In many parts of the world Sanwa has been used in food products like porridge, breads ,cakes and cookies.
It comes from the millet family and has many culinary uses .

It is also called Barnyard millet used popularly during fasting season, along with other popular ingredients like buckwheat flour, sago etc.

It is actually a wild seed and flour is made from the seed. Popular in Uttaranchal hilly areas.It almost looks like broken brown rice.

Sanwa millet flour is usually eaten with the hull, which retains most of its nutrients.

Many dishes like dhoklas, kheer, khichdi, idlis are made from sanwa.

Sanwa millet  is  very high in fiber and iron, with a fairly high protein level as well.
The sanwa flour is  rich in calcium and antioxidants and all the varieties are gluten-free, an excellent alternative  for wheat allergy sufferers.

Traditionally during fasting times these flours like sanwa, ( samo ) buckwheat flour, ( singhoda ) sago are used for various fasting recipes to make delicious dhoklas, porridge, khichdis, chapatis, parathas, vadas, and much more without losing out on nutrition and health. Infact fasting recipes are much ore nutritious and delightful when made using such alternative ingredients.


1/2 cup sanwa millet flour  ( samo ) or rajgira flour 
1/2 cup mashed cooked potatoes
1 tsp ginger green chillies paste
1 tbsp arrow root flour
Oil to cook vadas on the pan
Sendha namak ( rock salt to taste )
2 cups fresh home made curds
Pinch of sendha namak

To serve

1/2 cup sweet date chutney
1/4 cup green chilly chutney
1 tsp roasted ground cumin powder.
Some chopped fresh coriander leaves


1. Keep  the curds whisked well adding pinch of rock salt. Keep it chilled till serving.

2. Combine all ingredients for the Vadas  . Make equal portions of the balls for vadas.
Shape into round flat vadas and keep aside.

3.Heat a nonstick tava , add some oil, place vadas on the pan , cook on medium lame and turn the sides till done. I also made some in the appe pan ( paniyaram pan ) to get round shape . Both method works fine but you  need to turn them over till done.

How to assemble

 Dip the vadas in warm water at the time of serving. Keep them on a plate . Pour the whisked curd on top, drizzle the sweet , Spicy chutneys, Sprinkle ground cumin powder.
Garnishwith coriander.

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