Beet Root Pachadi ( Kerala Festival recipe |Raita )

Beetroot Pachadi is one of the side dishes  or a dip prepared during the festive lunch  of Onam, Vishu and even for Tamil New Year .

Pachadi in the South Indian version is basically a grated , cooked  vegetable used to mix with yogurt, and a spiced coconut ground paste is added to give a great taste.It is almost akin to the North Indian version of  a dip called Raita .
A plantain leaf menu invariably calls for 2 or more such pachadis to grace the leaf .One such tasty pachadi is the Beet root pachadi.Here the grated beetroot is a also cooked lightly and then the pachadi prepared.Cucumber, mango , okras are other  interesting tasty ways of making pachadis.


1 cup grated beetroot

1 cup whisked thick yogurt .salt as needed

curry leaves

1/2 tbsp  coconut oil
1 -2 red chillies for seasoning.
1/2 tsp mustard sees for tempering

Coconut paste ingredients :

1/2 cup grated coconut

1/2 tsp mustard seeds

1-2 green chilies.

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 small slice of ginger

2-3 curry  leaves .

Grind the above to a smooth thick paste.


Either you can cook the grated beetroot with little water and salt ,  or simply  cook a big piece of beetroot whole  and grate it after it is cooked and cooled.
Grind coconut, green chillis, cumin seeds,ginger and 1/2 tsp  of mustard seeds into  a smooth paste along with little curds or very little water .

Add the ground paste to the cooked grated beetroot,

Add salt  and mix everything well. allow to cook on gentle heat for a minute or two .

switch off gas and add thick whisked yogurt .

mix well .

Now add the tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, 2 broken red chillies, with 1.2 tbsp of coconut oil . and pour the seasoning over the beetroot pachadi..

Mix well. serve chilled .
Serve with rice and enjoy.


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