Sambar powder| sambar podi

sambar podi | sambar recipe
sambar podi | sambar powder 
There is nothing like making fresh home made sambar powder every fortnight or every month to retain maximum freshness. 
For bulk requirements , we can give it to commercial mill and add some stick turmeric called virali manjal . but if making at home we can add turmeric powder to the prepared powder . 




1.5 cups   coriander seeds (  standard measure cup…250 ml . )
1/2 cup toor dal 
1/4 cup chana dal 

1 cup tightly packed red chillies(  mix of round and long red chillies may be used ) I have used a spicy long red variety and mixed with kashmiri chillies 

approx 12-15 nos .

1 tbsp methi seeds 

2 tbsp peppercorns 

( 2 tsp cumin seeds may be added , I  have not added ) 

1 tbsp turmeric powder to be added to cooled sambar powder and mixed well before storing .


Roast each ingredient carefully on low flame just enough to get hot but bnot to change colour .

cool and powder .

For bulk , all ingredients to be sun dried for 2 days and then milled .


mixed veg sambar, sambar podi
sambar podi recipe and sambar

Mixed veg sambar

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