navarathri vrat recipe ..series 4

Here is another collection of Navarathri vrat recipes and this is the fourth in the series , as there are too many recipes to be made into one collage , i have compiled them in series of few dishes in each .so you can check SERIES 1, SERIES 2, SERIES 3 for more varieties. You can customize your daily lunches during vrat period of Navarathris  for the nine days from these recipes .

Apple strawberry milkshake

apple strawberry milkshake

Mango smoothie

mango smoothie , navarathri vrat recipe

Raw mango Aam panna

raw mangoes aam panna , navarathri vrat recipes

Mango Rabdi ice cream

mango rabdi icecream , navarathri vrat recipe

Mango millet kesari   

mango millet kesari, navarathri vrat recipes

Pumpkin kheer 

pumpkin kheer, navarathri vrat recipe

Cashew almond barfi

cashew almond barfi , navarathri vrat recipe


basundi, navarathri vrat recipe

Coconut ladoo 

coconut ladoos, navarathri vrat recipes, fast recipes

Vrat millet dosa/ upwas dosa 

vrat millet dosa / upwas dosa

Foxtail millet ner dosa / Thinai neer dosa 

foxtail millet neer dosa , thinai neer dosa


sweet lassi, navarathri vrat recipe

Mango kesar pistachio milk powder pedha

milk powder pedha , navarathri vrat recipes

Dryfruit ladoo

dry fruit ladoo/ energy bites , navarathri vrat recipes, fast recipes

A typical Navarathri lunch menu 

vrat lunch , navarathri vrat lunch

Barnyard millets sheera 

navarathri vrat recipes, millet sheera

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