Navarathri is a celebration of nine days and in South a variety of  cooked lentil dishes are prepared as neivediyam along with other sweets and payasam varieties.

For nine days many varieties of such lentils / dals are used and offered as prasadam and also served to those visiting to our house to view the doll display called Golu .

Here are two such recipes for Kondaikadalai / chana sundal and whole green gram sundal / pachai payaru sundal .

Almost all sundal varieties have basic recipe , usually a sundal podi is also prepared in advance and used to flavor the tempered sundal. it enhances the taste of sundal . This sundal podi makes excellent powder for making a variety of curries also . So make it in advance and use in various sundal varieties and vegetable curries .

Note about Navarathri Golu :

The Kalasham for Navarathri is on Amavasya Day that is called as naranja nal ( full satisfying day)ESP for Tamil Iyer’s ! Kannada people avoid this day considering this as non auspicious!
In a copper, brass, or silver shombu
Add a handful of raw rice, gold coin, silver coin, coins, fewlotus seeds, 1 lime, vettalai, Paku, manjal, little dryfruits, with kalkandu lfew cloves, cinnamon, elachi, 5 mango leaves, coconut, if not available nice big Pomegranate!to keep over the mango leaves
Add Chandanam and Kumkumam o tne 4 sides of the Shombu
Your Kalasham is ready!
Happy Navarathri!

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sundal podi, navarathri recipes

Sundal Podi recipe 


2 tbsp coriander seeds

1 tbsp udad dal

1.5 tbsp chana dal

5-6 red dry chillies ( increase or decrease as per your preference )

asafoetida crystal


In a pan , dry roast all the ingredients till a fine aroma emanates .

cool and powder finely

store in an airtight container .

Use in a variety of curries and making sundal .

here below is a quick video

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