navarathri vrat recipes, fast recipes,

Here are some recipes to choose from for Navarathri vrat or fast for those who observe from Pitrupaksh month till end of Navarathri . click o the title of each recipe to go to the respective link in a different post .

Paneer aaloo tikki

paneer aaloo tikki , navarathri fast , vrat recipes

Navarathri lunch dishes .

navarathri vrat lunch , vrat recipes, fast recipes

Millet kheer/ smawat chawal kheer

samwat chawal kheer, millet kheer, navarathri vrat recipes

Raw plantain paneer tikkis / kela tikkis

raw plantain paneer tikkis/ kela tikkis/ navarathri vrat recipes, fast recipes

Peanut curd chutney

peanut curd chutney/ navarathri recipes, fast recipes, vrat recipes

Vrat sambar 

vrat sambar/ navarathri vrat recipes/fast recipes

Dhaniya Aaloo sabzi

dhaniya jeera aaloo/ navarathri vrat recipes/ fast recipes

Doodh pedhas/ milk pedhas

doodh pedha, navarathri fast recipes, vrat recipes

Apple rabdi

apple rabdi, navarathri fast recipes, vrat recipes

Vrat lunch 2.

navarathri vrat lunch 2/ fast recipes

Quick instant mawa pedhas

instant mawa pedhas, navarathri recipes, vrat recipes, fast reecipes

Almond barfi / Badam barfi 

almond fudge /badam barfi , mavarathri vrat recipes, fast recipes

Mixed fruit custard

fruit custard , navarathri vrat recipe, fast recipe ,

Faraali chutney powder

faraali chutney powder, navarathri vrat recipes, fast recipe

Dumrot / pumpkin halwa 

dumrot pumpkin halwa, vrat recipe, navarathri recipe, fast recipe

Apple millets sheera

apple millet sheera
navarathri vrat recipes
apple millet sheera

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