Review : Kurukkathi Seedai

vella seedai, Kurukkati seedsi  is an excellent website to browse for a whole range of foods like masalas, sweets, savouries, gourmet condiments, traditional kitchenware , beverages, fruits,spices , imported products etc . There are special festival packs available and one can customise the order. Conveniently they offer shipping overseas as well. Products are neatly packed and door delivered promptly with freshest quality assured.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the extensive traditional snacks, sweets and savouries collection. I decided to order some  traditional sweets and was delighted with the taste and texture of Kurukkathi seedai  one of the many sweets that they have in their website to order from on line.  Vella seedai is a very popular sweet prepared for festivals esp Janmashtami and one has a very  impressive range of snacks and sweets to order online from The choice is so varied that we cannot stop with just a few . It is a one stop for all your snacking ,kitchen needs in one place.

 With the festival months fast approaching, this is  a website to browse for your festival sweets and savouries requirements. I would definitely consider placing orders for some more variety, having tasted   Kurukkathi seedai bought from TredyFoods.

About Kurukkathi  Seedai:

The product came in clean neat package and delivered promptly. Vella Seedai is basically a sweet preparation of rice flour, udad dal flour, powdered jaggery and deep fried into sweet balls.  

Kurukkathi seedai ,  known after a town in Tamilnadu, near Vellakoil  is definitely unique , having tasted the regular vella seedai, Kurukkathi  seedai is very crunchy and not tasting too sweet either , so one can pop in as many as you want for a sweet craving . The idea of using the seedai dust for inclusion in other ladoo preparations is very innovative and I found it very appealing , I plan to make such recipes as soon as possible using Kurukkathi seedai. With assurance of the unique taste and quality , it is now convenient to order  these traditional sweets and savouries on line  which many love but do not find time to prepare at home . It also makes an excellent Diwali or Janmaasahtami gift hamper  to send to our loved ones .

Overall review

Packaging:  Neat, airtight, fresh product.

Taste:            Delightfully crunchy and not too sweet either. Perfect sweet .

Bottom-line:  If one is looking for these sweet seedai and  other traditional snack varieties to order on line, I would definitely recommend

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