Madras mixture Tamilnadu mixture Diwali mixture
Diwali is never complete at least in every Tamil home without preparing this famed Madras mixture, Tamilnadu  mixture or Diwali mixture.
Usually this is prepared at the finishing stage of all Diwali preparations of savories as it is the brokens or remnants of each savory that is set aside to make this spicy tasty mixture.
There is no specific recipe as such . You add all the favorite savory bits like pieces of variety of murrukus you may have prepared like mullu murruku, thengoyal/ thenkuzhal, Omapodi or thin sev .
Some add crispy fried or roasted corn flakes, beaten thin rice flakes roasted or fried, pori or murmura
, lost of fried peanuts , cashewnuts . Lets take a look at the simplest mixture .

Ingredients :

1 cup ribbon pakoda, broken into smaller pieces
1 cup mullu muruku broken into smaller pieces.
1 1/2 cup khara boondi 
Pottukadalai 1/2 cup ( fried gram dal )
1 /2 cup sweet Shakkapara ( sweet crispy biscuits ) 
1/2 cup broken thattai pieces 
1 cup roasted corn flakes or roasted fried aval or beaten rice flakes , either one or both.
1/4 cup fried peanuts
1/4 cup fried cashewnuts
4 tbsp fried kopra bits
1 cup Omapodi / Sev ( instructions below )
some sprigs of curry leaves.
Bing pinch of asafoetida powder
salt as required 
Red chili powder as per taste.
To make Omapodi / sev  ( I have not made an individual post for Omapodi but made a small quantity only for mixture..)
Follow instructions below for Omapodi / sev 


1 cup besan flour sieved well.
1/2 cup rice flour
1 tbsp ajwain / omom roasted and powdered.
keep the ajwain in very little  warm water .sieve omam from water after it is soaked for few minutes.
salt as needed.
Pinch of asafoetida powder.
1 tbsp butter .
1 tbsp hot oil to mix in dough 
oil to fry.


Take a bowl and mix the flours, add the butter, hot oil, salt and ajwain water.
start mixing well, add additional water only to bind into a dough.
You will need very little water , it makes a sticky dough though,but it will help to press the dough through the sieve press so do not make a tight dough .
Meanwhile keep oil to heat .
Squeeze the ball of prepared dough through a sev press , make sure your press has little bigger holes as its very difficult to press through.
Press straight into hot oil one at at a time and avoid over crowding  or too many spirals,
Remove to drain .
Store in an air tight container.

Madras mixture :


Take a wide bowl and mix all ingredients one by one and adjust each according to the total quantity .
more or less of each type to have a variety.
Add roasted or fried peanuts, chili powder, fried cashew nuts, asafoetida powder, salt , lots of roasted curry leaves.
Fry or roast aval/ beaten rice flakes.
Add fried or roasted cornflakes
Add roasted fried kopra bits, fried gram dal .
Give a good shake to the container and check to see if you need to adjust the mixture variety.
Enjoy Diwali with this spicy Madras mixture.

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