Instant Ras malai Diwali recipe condensed milk with  milk powder instant khoa using home made khoya

In an earlier post I have given detailed instructions step wise  about making Rosgollas and Ras malai from scratch ,

It is not possible for us to spend time making ras malai from scratch all the time how ever easy it may be as it is also time consuming especially if you have to make the paneer too at home and with unexpected guests dropping by at short notice,  it is not tempting .

well every home chef has a few tricks up her sleeve and one of them is to to skip making rosgollas and rely on good store brand ones thereby cutting time greatly. Now isnt that smart !! and you can console yourself you are still making rasmalai all by yourself and surely your guests need not know the story behind the quick succulent spongy rasmalai!

So whats the trick ?

 Well you simply use a good  store brand Rosogollas , drain the sugar syrup from the ball by squeezing it gently and simply dousing them in the thick saffron  infused , cardamom flavored  sweet thickened milk sauce. Here you prepare the milk rabdi , which is the thickened milk by reducing the  quantity , adding sugar and flavors and dropping the squeezed rosogollas into them to absorb all the divine sauce or the rabdi.

Now there is yet another kicker worth noting! You dont even want to make the condensed milk or the rabdi by reducing milk etc, so buy a can of condensed milk or even use the instant variety I have mentioned  below.

So buy the store brand rosagollas, buy the condensed milk and just drop the squeezed rosogollas into the ready condensed milk which needs to be thinned slightly by adding milk and flavorings, heated up to bring out flavors of cardamom, pistachios and saffron .

It need to be thinned and hot so that the squeezed rosogollas can be dropped and it will bloat with all the creamy goodness of the condensed milk.

Now how quicker can that be.! So for all those who have this great craving for quick ras malai and find it painful to start from scratch , please choose the above methods.

Believe me  I have personally tried and tested both the short cuts when I have unannounced guests dropping , this can be very handy.


1 can rosgollas,
1 can condensed milk either store brand or made at home.

( check my easy to make condensed milk at home given below  ) 

saffron strands soaked in warm milk 
1/2 cup thick milk to mix with the condensed milk to dilute it a bit.
1-2 tbsp pistachio slivers or garnishing of your choice.
tiny pinch of cardamom powder


1. Open the can of rosgollas.

2, Drain the rosgollas from sugar syrup,

3. Take each rosgolla between your palms , press gently .

4. Dunk in the prepared above flavored milk sauce or rabdi .

5. Make sure to keep the milk sauce a little hot so that the store rosgollas will become softer and absorb the thickened flavored milk.

Thats it!!

Ras malai tastes amazing when served chilled too.

Instant condensed milk at home


1 cup milk powder
1/2 cup icing sugar or granulated sugar
1/2 cup hot milk or very hot water.
1 tbsp melted butter.


Blend all the ingredients well till creamy and to the consistency you desire. 
To thin it, use little more hot water or milk.
Store in a bottle and refrigerate.
Stays good upto 5 days , but I bet you would have already used it up in a recipe.
It is always better to make small batches , as and when you need .
I use both  skim milk powder or even dairy whitener  !


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