Instant Basundi sounds  like  something made out of a mix from a pack…Well no!! Nothing beats  the traditional method of making Basundi by reducing milk and sugar with flavorings and adding back the milk scrapings to the thickening milk…..Yes it does taste yummy and worth the effort but the instant Basundi is no less yummy and will not let you down .
This instant variety makes it a breeze , same deliciousness  and all under 10 minutes .. Yep ! Give it a try at least once …
Advantages …, A quick dessert ready while your guests are chatting and useful for the working women , bachelors and the best part is cook it in a rice cooker and leave it …. Even for the longer method I use the rice cooker as I don’t have to stand for hours peering into the hot vessel … No constant stirring just an occasional peek while you do other kitchen works … ( I use the rice cooker for both long and short methods ) 
Use any hard based pan or vessel you like .
Instant Basundi 
Three simple steps in this recipe . 
1. Making soft milk squares 
2. Making instant condensed milk 
3. Boiling it all with more thick cream milk . 

Ingredients :

To make soft milk squares which will be used to add to Basundi ( instead of scraping sides to collect the cream . ( this cuts time ) 
1 cup milk powder ( any like Amul , Sagar ) 
1 tbsp melted ghee 

Ingredients for making Basundi 

1 -2 tbsp almond flakes or pistachio 
Pinch of cardamom powder 
1 litre thick full cream milk ( boiled )
4-5 tbsp sugar 
Pinch of saffron strands soaked in warm milk . 

To make instant condensed milk ( again cuts time ) 

1 cup milk powder 
1 tbsp ghee 
1/2 cup powdered sugar 
1/4 cup hot milk 

Method to make soft milk squares . 

1. Take the 1 cup of milk powder , add 1 tbsp ghee and very little sprinkle of cold water to make into a soft non sticky dough with help of spoon ( as fingers get sticky and gets difficult to work with ) . Smooth it to a ball . 
2. Now spread this soft dough on a greased plate and steam in rice cooker or any steamer for 3 minutes . Make sure to cover the greased plate with a lid and keep that in the steamer. as water must not drip into the soft milk dough which we spread on the greased plate . 
3 . After 3 minutes of good steaming you will see the milk dough has now become non sticky , and not raw … At this stage resist the temptation to start eating the milk cake !! ( looks and feels like a soft milk cake ) it is too yummy . Make thin slices and keep aside . We will add these pieces at the end to making of Basundi . 
4. Take the boiled full cream milk , add to rice cooker or any pan which you will use to prepare the Basundi .
Add the flavorings , almond pistachio flakes , pinch of saffron strands and keep,on low flame . Add 4 tbsp sugar ( adjust to your taste after the condensed milk has been added ) 
While this is on a low boil , prepare the condensed milk .
Blend the milk powder , sugar , ghee and hot milk in the mixie , pour the thick ready condensed milk into the pan in which Basundi is getting ready .Add the steamed milk cake slices and stir gently . The pieces will soften and thicken the Basundi . 
Adjust sugar taste according to your taste. 
Serve chilled . 

Note : 

Though the recipe description is long believe me it takes not more than 12 minutes max to prepare the Basundi . 
This is an emergency solution for a quick yummy dessert .

You might want to check the Basundhi recipe prepared the normal way too..
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