CARROT PANEER HALVA ( pressure cooker recipe )

I love pressure cooker recipes for the simplicity , less burden of washing extra utensils and so good when you are travelling and out of home in a temporary residence. There is no reason you should stop pampering those sweet taste buds when you are out of home . So this is where my tiny pressure cooker comes handy though I find the versatile rice cooker more lighter and easy to use and carry as well. But the pressure cooker is something which almost all of us have grown up hearing that soothing  but loud whistles in the home indicating that some delicious food is getting ready !

The recipes are more healthier and tasty too I find as all the flavors get blended well when cooked together in a pressure cooker.

Why Paneer in a carrot halva you may wonder! Why not?? I find using fresh paneer in a halva more delicious , soft and gives a great texture to halva without drying out completely.

This also  comes handy when you have a handful of paneer sitting in your fridge and you wonder how to use it…Carrots are something we almost always have in the fridge so , put them together for a delicious creamy soft halva from the pressure cooker.

Of course the recipe is also made well on  open pan or stove top or microwave.


3 cups of grated carrots.
1 cups of grated paneer or crumbled paneer.
1.5 cups of sugar 
some toasted cashewnuts in ghee for garnishing or even almond slivers will do well.
Pinch of cardamom powder.
2 tbsp ghee
1/4 cup milk powder ( optional ) 
1 cup milk to help cook carrots in pressure cooker.


Take a pressure cooker, heat the melted ghee , add the grated carrots, milk and paneer.
Add milk , sugar and pressure cook for 3 whistles.
Let cooker cool naturally, open and now cook on open flame as the carrot and milk mixture would not have blended together.
Add all flavors, and as the mixture comes together thickly, add the milk powder and keep stirring as the halva thickens.
Remove and add the toasted nuts and almond slivers.
Serve chilled or warm, carrot paneer halva makes a yummy delight. 

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