Oats has now become very versatile and easily replacing rice in many dishes . Oats Pongal. Oats khichdi. Oats poha , oats kheer , oats payasam , oats rotis and parathas . The list is endless and now a fantastic array of options are available for the health conscious .

No longer we need to have only oats porridge . I have been experimenting several dishes with oats such as dosas, adai, pesarattu , Pongal khichdi. Variety of oats dishes like rice varieties such as tamrind oats   , coconut oats , lemon oats , tomato oats etc . I always  wanted to  try making sevai  /Idiappam  out of oats as sevai is  my favourite dish at home which I make almost three times  a week .

I tried making these sevai varieties a few weeks ago but am posting now as some of the blog fans were expressing a wish to try.

Many people are under the assumption that making sevai is a tedious process but I find it easy as I use a hand held press and for a family of four I  can easily make a good quantity of plain sevai which I later  process  to other varieties .

Am trying to shorten the procedure and come  up with easy to make sevai especially aimed for bachelors or students . Of course they need to have a small hand held sevai press which they can carry in their bag while going  abroad .

In this particular recipe I used the quick cooking oats variety .


1 cup quick cooking oats
2 tbsp rice flour or any millet flour also will do .
Pinch of salt
Water  as required
Sevai press to make the sevai / idiappam


Take a bowl , add the oats . Add water just enough to cover the oats .
Keep it soaked till oats seems very soft and water is all absorbed . It will not take more than 10 minutes .Just like poha/ aval you will notice the oats is a bit swollen and absorbed the water .

After the oats has soaked well and looks soft , take it to a blender after draining the excess water , add 2 tbsp rice flour to the jar , add the pinch of salt .
Now blend well without adding water as we need a good thick batter .Batter should be like idli batter.
This will not take more than 2-3 turns of the mixie as oats is very soft  and will blend quickly to a very smooth consistency .

Remove the batter and keep aside .

Take 2 or 3 idli plates , grease the plates. Mix batter well and then add a ladleful  in each idli mould .

Steam the oats which is placed in the idli moulds . May take around 6-8 minutes  as oats gets steamed faster .

Check to see if the oats idli is soft and cooked ( will appear shiny ) don’t bother about the idli texture as this is meant for making sevai and we are merely steam cooking the oats batter .
So if the oats idlis appear flat dont get worried .

Now before the steamed oats cools , take them out of the plate   , put it in the sevai press , may accommodate 2 oats idlis at a time .

Press directly on a plate .
Continue with rest of the oats idlis and collect the sevai .

Now prepare various varieties of oats sevai as per your choice .
Popular varieties are tamrind oats sevai , lemon oats sevai , coconut oats sevai , tomato oats sevai .

You can also make simple podi oats sevai by using the Molga podi .
There are a mind boggling varieties of flavors which you can try .


Make a good quantity of the plain steamed oats sevai and store In a Tupperware  container In the fridge upto 3 days and use as required .

It is a great time saver for early morning rush . All you need is to take out required quantity and turn it to any variety you like .
Bachelors will like this recipe as they will be pressed for time to cook from scratch so they can make it on week ends and store the plain variety in the fridge .

They can easily get many variety of pastes and powders nowadays  in Indian stores which they can keep handy to mix with this plain oats  sevai .

You can also use a rasam paste and mix with plain oats sevai , it tastes great and you need not eat rice .

Even a simple curd oats  sevai tastes great with curd chilly and tempering .

Am also planning to post a  basic instant oats sevai recipe for which you need not grind , just add the flours , make batter , cook the batter , make sevai with sevai press !

Will keep you posted .



Steamed oats sevai will not look pure white as rice sevai but more of a beige colour …as it takes the colour of oats used.










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    Excellent Recipe Radha mam,,have been following your posts and love them all, especially your ready mix recipes. Most times, as I used to travel to work, did’nt get a chance to comment. Sorry. Keep rocking mam..

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