DIET BHEL / low calories

Almost every one of us enjoy a delicious plate of bhel but every time you tuck into one remember it packs almost 320 to 340 calories in one plate . 
Not meaning to scare you but if you are on a mission to lose weight then a diet bhel is suitable for the craving of this popular street food that we all love to indulge in .
While we are on  weight management , there is no need to give up completely on our favorite snacks .
Just a little trimming of the bhel of certain ingredients like the generous amounts of fried sev as topping or the sprinkling of fried pooris will drastically reduce the calories intake to a mere 205 .
Iam quite happy to have my bhel this way and it doesn’t taste bad too.
If you must have that sev topping  look for roasted sev that many stores now stock and  roasted pooris .
List of ingredients with calories mentioned  for diet bhel ( 205 cal ) 
1 fruit Tamarind.     ( 5 calories) 
1 tsp cumin seeds   ( 8 calories) 
1 tsp brown sugar.   ( 11 calories)
1 date                        ( 20 calories)
1 tbsp peanuts         (  52 calories)  
1 tsp chili powder      ( 8 calories) 
1 cup puffed rice        (54 calories)
1/2 small onion            (  12 calories )
1 small tomato             (16 calories ) 
2 tbsp mint                   ( 5 calories )
1 tsp ginger                   (6 calories)
1 tsp turmeric powder ( 8 calories)
Pinch of kala namak 
  1. Method 
  1. Grind the dates, cumin seeds, chilli powder and tamarind pulp together to make a sweet “Chutney”
  2. Grind mint leaves , some coriander leaves , ginger , green chillies to make a spicy chutney .
  3. Add a pinch of black salt .
  4. In another bowl mix the puffed rice with chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, sweet chutney , turmeric powder, chili powder. 
  5. Add some chopped cucumbers too if you like to make it more filling .
  6. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves . 
  7. Add roasted sev and roasted pooris if you wish .
  8. Source calories count .com


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