I call this my yummy healthy tomato herb chutney as it has abundance of curry leaves and  dhaniya leaves/ coriander leaves.

I did not add Mint leaves but the thought struck me later , it would have added  more taste and flavor to the spicy chutney. So I guess you can add a fistful of cleaned fresh mint leaves too if you wish.

Add this to your chutney collection and try out making sure to add more of the herbs.

This chutney works out as a great dip, a great way to have rice and papad.
 Need less to say  it makes an excellent dish to have with dosas and idlis and any dish  for breakfast.

To make in bulk, you need to sautee more, till thickened , a bit more oil than mentioned and it stays good for a month too. 


1 cup finely diced ripe tomatoes.
1 cup finely sliced onions.
1 small piece of ginger
4-5 red chillies or more 
2 green chillies .
1 cup tightly packed washed ,dried  fresh curry leaves.
1 cup washed, cleaned dried fresh dhaniya leaves / coriander leaves.
1 marble size tamrind 
salt as needed.
2 tbsp  sesame oil ( preferred)

To temper

1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp split udad dal


Take a pan, heat  it, add some oil and all the chopped tomatoes, onions, tamrind, sautee well, when it appears to be cooked,  add the greens and remove quickly before they wilt too much.

When cooled, grind to a paste. At this stage you only need to add the tempering of mustard seeds and udad dal but if you plan to store for long and make in bulk, take a pan , heat it up,  add more  sesame oil , add the udad dal to roast till golden  , splutter the mustard seeds, add the ground paste and sautee well for few minutes.

Remove and keep to cool before bottling.


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