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Happy Navarathri to all! May the Godess show her bountiful mercy and shower all with peace and prosperity., infinite courage and strength.
Different communities in India celebrate Navarathri , the nine days of the Godess in different ways but with one common goal to attain her grace and divine positive vibrations that reverberates through out the country incessantly for nine nights  .
So with such a positive highly charged atmosphere almost everyone has some kind of eating habits strictly for these nine days to please the Godess by abstaining from meat, alcohol , certain grains, lentils and no onion no garlic . There are  reasons for fasting during these nine days, with so much positive energy flowing our body cannot with stand the effects  of a normal grain meal or usual meal, so we need to make few changes to the dietary habits to absorb the goodness and positive energy of the Shakti.
Strange as it may seem it appears to be more  of a feast than a  fast and therefore all the more reason to rejoice the festivities while fasting / feasting.
There is no dearth of mouth watering recipes both sweet and savory that can be tried during the days of Navartahri and here is a selection of some of the desserts you could probably try and indulge  . I have included some Southern favorites like the Kasi halwa which is usually a Diwali indulgence by South Indians. But who says it has to be consumed during Diwali long  as it conforms to the fast rules, you might well give it a try,.feel free to make your variations if certain ingredients do not fall in the fast category.
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 2. Apple Rabdi


4. Almond cashew barfi 


5. Quick coconut ladoos


7. Makhane ki kheer /foxnut/lotus seeds

8. Quick pedhas


9. Kalakand.

10.. Milk pedhas


11. Kasi halwa / Pumpkin halwa

12. Sabudaana kheer/ Javarsi payasam

13. Samvat flour halwa

14. Dumrot/White pumpkin halwa

15. Millets sheera/ Samvat

16. Mava pedhas / Doodh pedhas


17. Dry fruit ladoo


18. Belgaum Kunda ( Milk based sweet )


19. Samwat chaval kheer



Some scenes from my house Golu 2015..

Arrangement of dolls in steps of odd nos. ( South Indian tradition)








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