This is a very small collection of Diwali snacks ( savories) Need to add more varieties, but these are some commonly prepared items for Diwali.

3. Fafda

4. Kodbale

5. Maddur vade

6. Masala Mathiri

7. Mixture

I did not make a separate post for mixture because it is merely assembling all the savories by breaking them to tiny bits, add more sev/ omapodi, recipe will be added shortly to this page.and boondhi, fried  or roasted aval/ poha or murmura, fried cashews, raisins, peanuts, lots of curry leaves, asafoetida powder, chili powder, you can also add the broken pieces from ribbon pakodas, savory diamond  cuts and your imagination. There is no one specific mixture..

8. Easy Thenkuzhal

9. Mullu muruku

10. Nada / Ribbon pakoda

11. Thattai / Nipatu

13. Butter murukku

14. Karasev 


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