Baking breads they say relieves stress and perks you up ! very true , puts the bounce back into a tired che fs soul!  ..but many are quite fearful of baking breads, cake baking is attempted but baking bread is like a challenge which one keeps postponing even though we have the gadget for it..what is the worst thing that can possibly happen?

You may have to dump the badly baked bread but you would have learnt some valuable lessons too which will help in the next dont hesitate and bake a bread today. Well I have learnt some  lessons for baking bread in a Pressure cooker..! after two mediocre attempts. 

I corrected the mistakes and have been baking breads in cooker. My otg is out of action and no MV either so my loyal cooker of 21 years does a perfect job as it is only the science and not the gadget that matters most I think..So if you can make your cooker do an Oven job why not give it a try..This being myy 60th baking post.back to back ….one soft fluffy paav bread using all purpose flour and another rustic bread with flour using 7 fantastic grains. 

Barley, sprouted fenugreek seeds, sorghum, sprouted finger millet , wheat, roasted bengal gram and soya . This is meant for making healthy rotis which is good especially for diabetics, so I decided to use the same flour and got a nice rugged crusty bread baked daringly in a pressure cooke.

Iam pleased to say I have nailed it after some previous average results, I realized my mistake, checked it this time . Am sharing the recipe for a rustic bread which can be baked in both a regular oven and a method to bake in a pressure cooker in the same post.

You can use normal all purpose flour or a choice of multi grain flour which I have used . 
This is the pack I used to make the rustic bread with seven grain flour as mentioned above.
I liked the fact that diabetics need not avoid enjoying home baked bread with this flour. Delicious garlic or herbed breads can be made using this bread.Enjoy the Domino s  Garlic bread sticks made at home in a  a healthy way .

 So whats the big deal with baking breads? …everyone’s doing it ..Yes but many are afraid of baking and trying in a pressure cooker as they may not have an OTG  or a oven. So this post is for those who want to try fearlessly!

I am sharing both methods here.The pic below is the flour which I used.
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Now to the recipe


1  1/2 cups of all purpose flour
or mixed grain flour as I have used.
1 cup luke warm water
1 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
1 tbsp olive oil or any that you use
1 tbsp sesame seeds for sprinkling on top if you like.


In a bowl add the yeast, sugar and water.Keep covered till yeast
activates and the mixture becomes foamy.May take around 5 -10 minutes. Do use
fresh pack of yeast.
After the  mixture has become foamy
, add the flour, oil , salt and with a fork or a spoon, mix the dough which will
be shaggy and loose, so using a fork helps, keep making movements like the
stand mixer, round and round till the mixture comes together to a ball. Dont keep adding additional flour as you stir.
Then you can scrape off the sticky dough from the spoon or spatula, use
your hands after dusting with flour to knead.
By kneading  I mean no special
techniques here, just roll the ball of dough into a smooth round ball
stretching gently, folding twice or thrice  and just  by tucking in the dough at sides to get a
round shape. Put it in a oiled bowl ,preferably glass bowl which makes it less
Keep covered with a kitchen  towel or a cling film . Let it rest to rise or
double in volume. It may take around an hour depending on the humidity and heat
After 45 minutes to an hour, you will see the dough has risen, take it
out onto a floured surface or a board, gently punch down the dough to flatten ,
again make a round shape or the shape of a loaf you desire, I made it elongated
and oval shape and  You can also keep it
round .
Keep this dough now in the container/ tin  in which you will bake later after
the second rise. Use a loaf tin , greased and place the shaped loaf in side to
rise. Cover and keep . Now preheat oven to 350 degrees F / 180 degrees C After
30 minutes  after second rise you will
see the loaf has risen and ready to be baked. 
Take a tbsp of olive oil, smear
on top, sprinkle sesame seeds  ( optional
) Smearing oil will give a nice crusty bread.Then use a pair of scissors to
score the bread in two places, or use a knife. Place the tin in the preheated
oven and bake till done  , say for 30-35
minutes till baked, the bread will be firm on top and sound hollow when tapped
at the bottom. Remove and cool completely before slicing into wedges. Take a cold stick of butter and rub all over . Will give a lovely crust.
 It will take nearly 50 minutes in a pressure cooker. Details given at the end of the post.

 Yeast activated fully.

Dough ready to rise placed in an oiled bowl.

Dough nearly  doubled in size ready after first rise.

Dough kneaded and shaped into a loaf, ( could have done a  better job with the shape  )

That shaped dough again doubles or rises well ! I never imagined it would be this big. I should have made a slightly tight dough so that it did not look flat when it rose second time….another lesson learnt! This time scored the bread on top, placed in the cooker for baking.

Peeking in between baking to check. ( not ready yet). If you notice you will see the tin is placed higher almost close to the lid but not touching it when closed. This will ensure you get a good base without darkening quickly. and the bread is baked well inside too.

Voila ! a crusty rugged Rustic loaf ready and Iam pleased!

Pressure cooker method:

Take a heavy preferably tall pressure cooker. Remove the gasket and the whistle ..MUST! No water to be added to base as we are baking with heat only.
Pre heat for a approximately  5 minutes till very hot and you can feel it with your hands, the hot air.

Place a heavy steel plate or the perforated plate which comes with the cooker at the base.  . No need to spread salt on the bottom , do it if you must. I have a dedicated cooker for baking so am not worried about the losing shine of the inside  due to high heat. So salt takes care of it I guess.

Next place a small stand  ring  or if you dont have one use the container of the cooker , which are basically called  separators or containers which come along with the cooker. round shape , invert it . Now place the baking round  tin or the loaf tin on top , idea being to keep it slightly higher  from the heat below or else the base of the bread will start darkening quickly. Cover with cooker lid.

Now keep the cooker on medium high till 15 minutes and then reduce to a lower flame but not full sim for another 15 minutes. You can take a look in between after 20 minutes , just to see if you can see burning or quick darkening of the  base, cover lid quickly. Wipe the inside of lid before placing again as it may have some moisture which may drip on the baking bread.

Again lower the flame at the last stage for next 10 minutes or till done. By end of nearly 50 minutes , your whole house will be heavenly with baking aroma of fresh bread, and also it is a means of telling you the bread is done !! So in the pressure cooker method eyes and nose method is very important.!

 I always watch the last leg of baking closely as the aroma will go from baked to burnt very quickly, you need to switch off the gas .

Remove the tin carefully, remove bread by inverting on a plate,  quickly rub the top of the bread  with a cold butter stick all over to get a lovely top.

 Slice when cooled well and enjoy it with a dip, or any way as a herbed bread, garlic bread etc.


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    Super easy and yes truly rustic style of bread making…..been a first time visitor of your Blog and I must say you have an impressive collection of recipes

    • says

      Welcome ! Thanks a lot for the lovely words and hope you will keep visiting . I aim to make life easier in kitchen and find ways to make easy recipes with limited resources .

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    Hello radhaji
    I too baked a bread loaf.
    But it turned out a bit sour and very crumbly.
    Can you think of the reason.
    Btw I love your recipes. And hv tried quite a few.
    You teach really well.

    • says

      thanks a lot, reason can be too long proofing time, too much yeast, not enough moisture as mentioned so turned out crumbly I gues…but dont give up after a atime and few mistakes you will bake like a pro and not eben measure, I do it this way now, too daring

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      its only baking…whats is the worst thing that can happen ?? baked hard, or a burnt bread…so give it atry and dont get scared….let it be a fun project

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