beet root halva

Beetroot halva is a delicious sweet enjoyed by all even those who do not eat beetroot  with their lunch.
This is a great way to give your kids some yummy beetroot halva as a dessert and they are sure to like it.


2 cups roughly pureed cooked beetroot chunks.
2 cups thick milk
1/2 cup sugar or brown sugar  or ./1/2  cup condensed milk for a richer dessert.
2 tbsp chopped cashew nuts toasted.
Pinch of cardamom powder
1 tbsp toasted raisins.
3 tbsp melted ghee.
1/4 cup milk powder .( optional)


Wash, rinse the beetroots and peel them. Pressure cook them after cutting to halves or quarters.
Puree the cooked beetroot chunks roughly . I do this to avoid grating them which I find tedious.
Boil milk on a low flame and cook the pureed beetroot . When the milk with cooked beetroot reduces a bit, add the sugar or condensed milk. Add the powdered cardamom, toasted cashew nuts, raisins and add the melted ghee.

When the mixture is thickened to halva consistency , add the ilk milk powder to get a grainy texture to the halva. It taste more like a milk  barfi when milk powder is added at the end.

Remove , when thickened and comes together in the pan and serve either warm or chilled.


A small variation is to add some quick cooking oats with the cooking beetroot mixture to give it more thickness and also adds to the nutrition.




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