This is a very delicious recipe which both kids and adults will relish.
Serve it warm or chilled it tastes yummy anyway. It is very useful to make this during fasting times as it will keep you full and feeling satisfied. You will not miss your usual foods during fasting.


1 cup finely grated peeled apple soaked in little water to prevent discoloration 

1 cup thick milk
1 cup condensed milk ( home made)
Some almond slivers
Pinch of green cardamom powder


Cook grated apple on a very low flame in little milk just enough to cook,
When it seems softened , add the thick milk ., 
Add condensed milk and keep on a low flame for 2 minutes . Do not allow to boil or else it will curdle .
No need to add sugar if using condensed milk otherwise cook 1 litre thick milk, reduce to 1/4 th , add 1/2 cup sugar . Add cooked apples . Remove and garnish With almond slivers 

I took the easy way by using condensed milk and made under 10 minutes. . Serve chilled


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