I have never been more delighted and completed satisfied in writing about this amazing delicious finger licking Vrat ka Sambar or sambar for the fasting days during Navartahri…This is the Southern twist to the North Indian faraal recipes .

Before you come to any conclusion I must urge you ( something I never ask ) to please give this simple healthy veggie laden sambar, a try and am sure you will never miss the dals , tomatoes etc , all ingredients not allowed for fast ..

For the past few days am trying several tried tested recipes for Vrat/fast and all of them have been very good , very satisfactory but this sambar wins thumbs up…Thanks to Tarla Dalal , I have found an amazing recipe , to which I added my own way to make it suitable to our palate.We South Indians have to be a little more precise when it comes to sambar or Rasam !

I couldn’t imagine having a meal without sambar, rasam either of them or at least for accompaniment to the vrat ka dosas that I made..Now am relaxed in the thought there was a great recipe to rely upon.

I also learnt that we need not rely on availability of dals all the time to make a good tasty  sambar.Fortunately some of the most important ingredients  necessary to make a delicious south Indian sambar were allowed.


5 tsp coriander seeds
4 round red dry chillies ( boriya)
2 tbsp roasted peanuts
2  tbsp kopra / dry coconut or 1/4 cup coconut milk
1 inch stick cinnamon
1  1/2 cups  mixed vegetables like bottle gourd/ lauki  cubed, pumpkin cubes
1   1/2 cup peeled chopped  yam ( suran ), cubed peeled potatoes

Rock salt to taste ( sendha namak)

To temper

2 tsp oil/ ghee
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp lime juice.
Dhaniya leaves to garnish


Take a pan , dry roast the spices like coriander seeds, kopra, cinnamon, red chillies. Keep aside to cool.

When cooled grind to a paste in the mixie adding little water. Keep aside to be added last when the sambar is 3/4 th ready.

Next boil 2  cups  of  mixed vegetables like lauki and pumpkin., more of pumpkin to get a nice colour to the sambar..When they are cooked to soft. Drain well, cool and blend to puree.

Take the puree to another pan, add some water,around 2 cups or a little more if you feel it is too thick.

Next boil and cook remaining vegetables like yam cubes, 1/2 cup bottle gourd, and some yellow pumpkin pieces  with very little water,  add, rock salt. When the whole mixture seems to be thickening, add the ground paste , adjust salt.

To temper, add some ghee or oil in  pan, ad cumin seeds, add remaining red chillies and pour over the prepared sambar.Add lemon juice , mix well.

Your yummy vrat recipe of sambar is ready to be enjoyed with vrat sama idlis.


If you are taking three cups of mixed vegetables from a choice of pumpkins, suran, lauki, potatoes, divide in half…

1/2 of mixed vegetables can be cooked to soft and blended to puree which will be the base of the sambar as we do not add cooked dal for this vrat sambar.
The remaining vegetables can be cooked and added to the blended  puree of vegetables.


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navarathri vrat sambar


Here is a quick video


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