Sandwich Bread cake ( No bake recipe from left over bread )

Delicious sandwich bread cake, no bake ( using leftover bread slices )


Bread slices
Sweetened fresh cream , or whipped cream 1/2 cup
1/2 cup chocolate syrup or as required.
1/4 cup caramel or as required
3/4 cup blueberry topping or any fruit filling of your choice.


Cut the bread crusts neatly.

Choose your favourite toppings to layer the slices in between.

I used, thickened sweetened fresh cream , chocolate syrup, blueberry topping, caramel, for the different layers.

Stack them all together. Chill in fridge for some time till they all bind together well and not fall apart. Slice them , serve.

Top with more fruit topping, whipping cream if you get, I did not have any so used fresh cream sweetened , it was yummy and light too.

This is also great for Kids school lunch box, or after school a great dessert .

I wrapped the breadcake in clingwrap and left it in fridge for 2 hours.


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